Friday, May 1, 2009

218 The Yellow Rose of Horn Lake

There is a house for sale in our neighborhood ... okay, so there are A LOT of houses for sale in our neighborhood, but this particular house has roses blooming all along one side. The house is empty and there is no one there to love these poor abandoned roses, so I took it upon myself to adopt one. I chose a yellow, but there were crimson and pink roses as well that may need to be adopted later. I took our new addition outside and prepared to take a few pictures of its beauty. I was inspired by Gabrielle Kai Photography, and she is also the inspiration behind buying the Argus. She takes pics of yellow roses quite often, and they always look so soft and dreamy (all her pics do). I snapped a few pics TtV. And all of the sudden I noticed a naked chubby baby coming down the stairs. And then he reached out and grabbed our adopted rose. I thought he wanted to introduce himself, but he just wanted to make sure that he was the only baby in our family.

He did get a wonderful sensory experience.
He saw that the rose was beautiful...
He touched...
He smelled...He tried to taste...(Yes, I did change his diaper as soon as we went inside) And he heard my laughter!
Yellow Rose B.C. (Before Connor)


Mom, try not to jump in your car right now to come see this little guy. I know it will be hard, but we will be out in a month.


Jill Geraghty-Groves said...'re good at this! Stunning and inspiring! I may have to abduct you and inhale some of that talent!

barb said...

I'll bet it smelled dreamy! Hope Connor was spared any dreaded thorns!