Saturday, March 24, 2012

475 Spring Break in Atlanta (Where else?!)

I look forward to Katie's school holidays more than she does I am sure. It is the only time we can make the trip to Atlanta to visit the family. This trip was much more sun=bdued than we expected. Mom wasn't feeling well, and then neither was I. But we managed to survive and have a little fun. Luckily all the kids need for fun is an open Walmart or two...

I did get to visit my best friend, Ashlee one evening. We hung out, chatted, stood a broom up... like you do. Mainly, Ashlee said that her old broom probably wouldn't stand, so I had to give it a try... TADA!

Ashlee just had surgery on her hip, and I was super surprised that she was able to get around as well as she did! That girl has serious strength! It was wonderful to visit with her and her family. It was definitely time needed.

Connor did get his first big boy bike ... and BIG boy helmet. Seriously, BIG! We had to get him one of the helmets labeled for a 14+. His head is large. Very. :) Lucky for Katie, that large noggin is very generous, and he allowed her to ride his bike sometimes.

We also spent time watching the birds around Grammy's house. Connor got very interested and Grammy pulled out her North American Bird Book. Totally reminded me of my Grandma always having her bird book handy, looking out those same windows. Must be an October baby thing!

And of course we had to do pinecone bird feeders. Great idea Grammy!

And you can't forget cousin visits. We headed up to see Claire and Milly on Wednesday. The kids play together so well. It is super cute how they insist on being as close to each other as possible. Four chairs around the table, and they squeezed four booties into two seats. We left the kids to consume pizza and giggle in peace, and us adults went to the living room to chat. Claire was off school Thursday and Friday, so the girls begged for a sleepover. How can I say no when they see each other so little? They make my heart happy when they are all playing together.

(Connor and Milly crack me up in this picture... look at their eyes! both crossed the exact same way)

Connor wasn't what you would call "happy" when we left Katie to spend the night, but there is no way I was subjecting Leslie's mom to that hooligan in the morning. Besides, he would get extra snuggle time with me, and he would see everyone the next day.
Before we left Wednesday, the girls were trying to convince Carolyn/Mimi to take them all down to the "creek" that is "near" the house. Leslie and Geof vetoed the idea, way too much stress to place on Mimi to keep track of the three. And I later found out that the creek is also not so very "near"... and the "creek" is fairly substantial...without many good paths to get down to the water. I found this out when the kids talked me into a quick trip to the creek. It was definitely not was very hot, but not quick. Milly was still napping, and the kids were tired of jumping on the trampoline, so I agreed.

 I almost erased this picture. My phone was moving and it was blurred, but the more I look at it the more I like it.

 We had to do some stone skipping... of course.
I finally convinced the kids it was time to head home. They were hot and tired, and Katie was SUPER pouty... When we got home, Milly was up and about, so they all headed out to the trampoline.
 Not exciting, but dang this picture is cute! Connor found these goggles at Kohl's with holograms of sharks... he used them as "safety goggles" to protect his eyes from any stray toothpaste.
 And of course, there has to be a trip to the park. They were so happy when we got there (after Katie had thrown a two hour outright temper tantrum about not getting another hamster)... but it was very hot, and it didn't take long before they were completely worn out. Connor spent the whole time playing tag with any other kid he could find. HE IS FAST! I had several parents asking how old he was and commenting on his speed. A few times I pulled him to the side with a gentle reminder that the game isn't fun to the other kids if they never get to catch him. He was not a big fan of my idea to slow down...

 See? Plumb tuckered!
AND! We needed to head home for the other set of cousins to come play! It is always interesting to see how much taller Austin will be each time we see him. He started this past week with his school's football team, and I bet he is going to impossible to get past! And Spencer can now sit up and CRAWL! Why is everyone growing up so fast?! Also ... impossible to get them to stay still for more than a few moments.

 Connor had a great time beating up Uncle Vince... I half heartedly tried to stop him, but it is just pay back for all those sandwiches I had to make him when we were younger.
 And I cannot convince kids not to make silly faces... but I am rather partial to those crazy kids anyway.
Another Spring Break come and gone... Now I just have to make it through the next two months before Summer Vacation! Woohoo! I can't wait to head back and see my family again! I love you all, and I miss you so much!