Thursday, November 1, 2012

481 Halloween

(I still can't figure out how to add pictures to different areas of the post on my phone, so... Hopefully they post in order)

We decided to decorate a bit more than usual this year.

We pulled the playhouse around the side and rigged a glowing jack-o-lantern head in a black robe to pop up when you opened the door. The movement didn't last long, but the kids still thought it looked cool... Except for the older kids in one group who looked second after the first were scared. "That is SO not scary!" Uh... Duh! You already saw it... And maybe you are too old to trick or treat then. Give me back the candy!!

We also set up a mini graveyard. I made two new headstones this year. Katie chose which ones she wanted, so we got Bloody Mary and Pennywise ... Katie has a thing for horror. They turned out pretty cute, and the best thing was it didn't cost a dime since it was all stuff just taking up space in the garage. Spare wood and paint. Voila! I had to giggle when a few kids refused to walk by them. Doing Halloween right :)

Katie also chose how we should carve the pumpkin. She wanted the Monster High skull... And we must have pulled it off because a few girls squealed and said how much they love Monster High. And it was darn funny to see the pumpkin attacked with power tools...

Chip took the night off to take the kids around with Mia, Mikey and Chris from up the street and I handed out candy. The kids saw the vampire/witch costume in the bins I found for $3 and a junk store years ago and insisted I wear it... We put all the seats down in the van and laid out a bunch of blankets and they were off... After I forced them to pose for a few pictures of course.

We had about a hundred kids show up and I ran out of candy pretty early (though it was a school night so Halloween ended early, too). I turned out the lights and put my feet up... And wished I had held some chocolate back for myself.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween filled with more treats than tricks!!