Friday, February 27, 2009

166 Now with Pictures AND Words

Sunday, we had a birthday party for another one of Katie's little boyfriends, Lucas. Of course we got there late ... what's new?! We missed out on singing Happy Birthday and cutting the cake, but Katie still had a great time playing with her buddy. They had a bounce house in the backyard which makes ANY birthday party a blast! The party was shark themed and the cake was awesome! I wish I had a picture of it, but I missed out ... The top layer was shaped like a shark, and when you cut into it was Red Velvet cake. Always fun when you get the blood and guts effect with food. Connor stuck to the Cheetos. Actually, he and Bella stuck to the Cheetos. Bella had fun with a "baby" there. She was too sweet, bringing him his sippy cup when she thought he was thirsty. She was very solicitous of him.

Connor was playing around me when I was at the desk and I had to snap a few pics. These are Photoshopped however ... he had some serious booger problems going on and I could not subject you all to that!!Connor is working on his Elvis Snarl at a very early age!! We are SO proud!!Connor and Daddy had a little playtime. Well, first Chip sat on the rocking .. uh, plane to see if he would fit, and he refused to let me take a picture. But when Connor got in on the fun it was totally acceptable to takes some pics! Hard to tell, but Connor was having a great time with his Daddy :)Tuesday night was Katie's First Grade Program. Last year, Katie barely moved through her whole program, she might have sang ten words the whole time. She definitely had no expression on her face. But this year she was AWESOME! She sang her little heart out and she did all the hand movements. The whole crew did a great job. The program was titled "America, My Home" and Katie has had a really good time learning all the patriotic songs. For the past few weeks Katie has randomly started singing some of the songs. It was absolutely adorable and I wish everyone could have seen the enthusiasm these kids have for singing about America! They have really instilled a sense of American Pride in the kids this year as they have learned about our country. It also helps that they were starting to learn about the United States during an election year. The mock election they held was a huge hit!! And yes, Obama won on the Elementary level, too!After the program Katie picked where to eat. Actually, she told me that she was supposed to pick where we eat because it was HER day! Last year after the program she was allowed to choose, and she has a memory like an elephant! She chose The Grand Buffet. She knows the only way to get me to voluntarily take her there is to trick me into it. Amazing how quickly kids learn to manipulate! (yeah, she has known for a while ... ) The whole reason for Katie to go to the Chinese buffet is this .. she loves to eat OCTOPUS! It has got to be the nastiest thing I have ever watched anyone eat. I am surprised that the people around us did not start to gag as she chowed down on octopus and crawfish. She also tried an oyster, but she was not impressed. They did have fried froglegs, but she took one nibble and made a face. She said that they tasted like "dead frogs" ... REALLY? You don't say, Captain Obvious!! Some buddies that had moved away came by for a quick visit, and what else would I do than throw Rockband at them? Not really ... it was her idea, I SWEAR! Connor was unimpressed with our playing and the jam session was cut short, but we still had a great visit. Steph and I got to hang out while the boys spoke Geek. We miss you guys!!And a little fun with the macro filter! Weeds never look this good from far away, but there is not much in nature that God did not make beautiful. I have never noticed how intricate a dandelion really is!And while I snapped pictures of weeds, Connor practiced for his first home invasion. He never actually made it into the house though. Good thing too because it needs to be cleaned and sprayed before we can really turn him loose.And yes, he did eat dirt ... that boy can get into more trouble in two seconds than most kids get into in a year! But seriously, who can resist that cuteness?? Try not to fall in love because he is all mine ... at least for about 10 more years until he discovers that girls don't have cooties.

Friday, February 20, 2009

165 Spring Cleaning

It has been pretty boring here in the Jackson house. The weather can't decide what it wants to do. We are anxiously awaiting the start of Spring, when we can once again enjoy the outdoors. We had one nice day as a tease, then the temperature plummeted 30 degrees the next day. Connor has taken over chores for me though. He has mopped ... and mowed ...
Now if we can just teach him how to vacuum and fold clothes. No wait! We can teach him to clean up after his sister since she never learned!
But really, we are starting our Spring Cleaning a little early this year. I would like to leave a clean house when we all head to Atlanta. The only problem ... the instant I clean anything it is destroyed. I mop the floor, and CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP, Katie and Mia come running in from outside. I put toys away, and if you have kids you know how long that lasts. I get to the bottom of the laundry and it is overflowing the next day! And I am not even going to start on DUST! If Katie sees a clean surface it must be covered in art supplies or make-up.
But this week it is going to be SERIOUS! I am cleaning this house. While Katie is at school I will tackle it. I need to paint their bathroom and get that done, so that bathtime can be upstairs instead of my bathroom. I really need to sort through Katie's massive wardrobe and pull out all the clothes she can't (or won't) wear anymore. Something has GOT to be done before I lose my mind. If I have to stare at these four walls all day then they might as well be clean.
I just wish I wasn't the one that had to clean them!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

164 Daddy-Daughter Dance

Around Valentine's Day each year, Katie's school holds a Daddy-Daughter Dance, and luckily Chip has been able to take Katie each year. Katie gets to have more dates with her Daddy than I do!! Friday was a full day all around. Katie had her class Valentine's Day party and from there we went dress shopping for the dance.

Once again, I was the only parent at the class party. Lucky for me, Katie still thinks that her Mommy being at school is the coolest thing ever. Believe me, I am going to take advantage of that for as long as possible!! I helped hand around the cupcakes and cookies, and they played JINGO, a version of BINGO. Really uneventful, but I wouldn't miss it. Katie just lights up when I come through the door! Of course, she also tends to get overexcited and flit around the room and chatter a mile a minute until I make her calm down, but she is happy and isn't that all that matters! I did not bust out the "big" camera, just the little 2mp I got when Katie was born. That little camera got its biggest workout yesterday!After the party we headed out to do a little dress shopping.

Well, we had a few pit stops on the way.

We had to stop and get gas since I was on empty again, and while I was pumping my gas the lady on the pump next to me came around the corner asking if I had "a few dollars so she could get some gas." I am such a cynic, and even if I had cash on me I wouldn't have given it to her. Is it terrible that I don't believe people enough to help them out? It just makes me nervous, and I want to run away as quickly as possible. Probably just my Atlanta breeding :) Plus, I would rather walk than beg a stranger for money. It might bite me on the rear one day, karma and all that crap, but I just can't make myself do it. And maybe if she had not waited until I was done pumping I would have just stuck my nozzle in her tank for a few bucks. I just don't trust anyone asking for cash. So, there is my "I am a horrible person" confession for the month :)

Then, Chip told me that Connor was waking up, so we doubled back to pick up the little man. I wasn't terribly excited about bringing him on our shoppinf expedition, but he was amazingly good. He laughed and laughed at Katie as she tried on each dress and tested their twirlability. Katie tried on seven different dresses, and then decided on the very first one. We went to JC Penney, which is where we got her dress the year before. This year we had to narrow down our choices to those that could be worn with the white "clip clops" that she had picked out in Payless. She did say before we even started shopping that she wanted white shoes and a white dress. Although she did specify "skinny" straps, and her dress fell a little short. I think it was the big jeweled brooch thing that was the true winner. Katie looked adorable in each dress, but there were two that were our clear favorites. The pink...

And the white, that ended up being the winner!We were not the only ones that loved this dress. Katie's best friend Mia ran home and told her Mom that she wanted one, so they called to see where she got it from. They even went looking for it today, but there were no more in their size. Kaitlyn also went home raving about Katie's dress. Katie definitely got the reaction she was hoping for, Jaw Dropping Jealousy!!

I managed to stop them for long enough to take a few pictures before they headed off to the dance. Chip had to wear the tie that Katie bought him from the Sweetheart Shoppe at school. It was the best $2 tie I have ever seen! They looked so sweet together. Katie loves her Daddy to bits!

And then we sent them off to the dance. Connor and I took advantage of having the camera on a tripod, and took a Mommy-Son pic!
Chip took the little camera to the dance with them, and he managed to get a few pictures. Apparently Katie would run and hide everytime she saw the camera come out. That girl has serious paparazzi issues!!
They had a great time!!

Today I was looking at the pictures from last year, and I can't believe how she has grown! So, just because I know you are just dying to see the pics ...