Thursday, February 5, 2009

161 Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It has been cold here. Or, I guess I should say, cold FOR here. We had the snow, and now it is barely getting above freezing. We are not used to bundling up. Connor looks SO funny in his coat! His little arms just stick out because he can't put them down to his side. Katie, you have to force her to wear layers! That kid would run around and get frostbite if you let her.

Katie is trying to hold onto the snow!! Last Thursday she made one last snowball and she stuck it in the freezer. So sad, but it is still there today. I refuse to be the one to throw it out and break her heart.Connor has picked his future wife. This is Cheyenne, my shutter buddy's beautiful daughter. She does NOT seem too pleased with Connor's attention :) I can't blame her too much. His face was covered in blueberry juice. Definitely not the most attractive thing. She will warm up to him, given time!
We let the kiddos take over Rockband ... for about half a song. I put it on No Fail, and let them pick the song, but about 10 beats into the song they were whining! "Its too HARD!! OHHHH, the injustice of it ALL!!" Okay, so they just said it was too hard ... but you could totally hear in their voices that they blamed me for the level of difficulty. I was the one setting them up to fail. It was totally my fault. So, we have a new rule in our house NO ROCKBAND! (for the kids, not me of course) I have one rule to playing a game, you have to TRY! And even if you aren't doing well, you have to FINISH the song. Maybe I will let them try again next month ... maybe??!!
And just in case you did not know how amazing Connor truly is ... here he is eating with a fork and spoon. Oh yes, I know you are amazed!! I can tell!My shutter buddy discovered a cool little area right behind our neighborhood to explore. We can't really explore it since it is technically someone else's property, but we can walk the fence and take pictures. BUT it was too cold to take too many pictures yesterday. And the horses and cows were not out in the cold either! We have plans to go tomorrow, when it is supposed to be 66!! Why can't we just have some normal weather for a change?? I did finish our taxes!! I can't wait for my government funded Valentine's Day present (the refund being depostited - not an actual present). Guess I should remind my hubby that Valentine's Day still is on the 14th. Not that we will do anything for Valentine's. Chip has to work, as usual. Oh well, keeps me from having to find a babysitter ... haha, like that would happen!