Monday, August 27, 2007


Today was Katie's first day completely shot free in almost five years!! How cool is that?!?!? We pulled her out of school last week to wean her off the insulin shots and get her body adjusted to the pills. We were a little iffy on totally doing away with the shot this morning, but decided to go for it. We definitely don't want her dipping at school! And it all went perfectly. Not one call from her teachers about her blood sugar today!! Of course, Katie is loving the no shot. However, she still has not completely grasped the idea that she may never have to take shots again. She kept asking if we could "skip" her shot tomorrow.
I went in for my glucose test today. Hopefully, I won't hear from the nurse anytime soon, since they only call if there is a problem. Mr. Kickles' (yup, still no name) heart rate was 130. It was 150 the first time we heard it at 12 weeks, but still good. I still can't believe there are almost three months to go. Chip and I were sitting on the couch and he was just SO active!! Katie was definitely not that strong!

Katie insisted I take a pic of her first day back at school. Maybe she does have that scrapbooker mentality ...

She was out for a week so we had some work to make up, and they have started having "homework" as well.

We went to a baby shower for a couple we used to work with at the Grand, Randy and Carrie Woods, on Sunday ... and yes, Chip bought the shirt just for the baby shower. I told him it was fine as long as I qualify as one of the hot moms. He was nice enough to say I do ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Baby Started School!!!

It is official ... my baby is growing up. Katie started Kindergarten on Monday. With the joy of diabetes we spent the weeks before the actual start of school meeting with the county nurse and the school counselor. And they had to train all the people that Katie would be coming in contact with. There are just so many things that we did not have to think of when we were in school. One : we have to worry about lockdowns! We have to have enough stuff packed for at least 24 hours, just in case ... Is it not enough to entrust her for the 7 hours that she has to be gone? How freaky is that to even contemplate her being locked in for a whole day. If anyplace near the school is robbed they have to lockdown. All you criminals out there better stay away from Horn Lake!!
So, we actually made it to the first day. We all ended up sleeping in Katie's room. She has a tent set up with her old crib mattress that she insists on sleeping in. And Chip and I ended up on the twin size bed ... so comfy especially with a six month belly! The alarm went off and Katie jumped up and said "Up and at 'em!" How can she be so excited about leaving us?? Then the fun of getting her dressed. She claimed she was cold and made me put her little jacket on her ... and then wore it all the way into the school. Now it was not 106 degrees like it was later, but it was plenty warm. We got her fed, her insulin shot, and loaded in the car. Oh, did I mention the bags of stuff we had to bring with us. She has to have a box of snacks for getting her sugar up and to get it down. And she has to have a carry pack to take anytime she leaves the classroom. Thank goodness we had taken all her supplies to Open House. Anyway, we got her there and in her seat. She started coloring right away. Chip and I had to talk to the teachers and make sure everything was under control. I went over to tell her goodbye, and she must have misunderstood me because she stood up and started walking toward the door. "Why do I have to go?" she pouted!! When I told her that she could stay but Daddy and I had to go, she went right back to her seat and started coloring again ... perfectly happy.
Neither of us cried. I got close on the walk in, thinking what a long walk we had back to the car without her. And Chip said he got a bit choked up saying goodbye. Then we went home and tried to kill some time. It was definitely starnge to be home without her!! We did get two calls in the morning about her blood sugar being high, but none the rest of the day. Still, our hearts jumped everythime the phone rang. And we counted down the time until we could pick her up. I tried to scrapbook but was so brain dead that nothing much happened. Chip played on the computer, so he had little use for his brain :)
It was so good to see her little face when we picked her up!!! She was so tuckered that she fell asleep in the car on the way home, but she perked up when her little buddy Lucas came over to play in the pool. But after a full day of school and playing int he pool for an hour she was BEYOND TIRED, and she couldn't stop pouting and crying. I can't wait until we can get her on a good sleep schedule!!!
Her second day of school is looking much less eventful. No calls yet!! She had to wear white while they learn their colors. What kid does not know their colors by kindergarten?!?!?!?!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Growing a Kickboxer

The littlest Jackson (who still does not have a name) is STRONG!!! Chip and I were watching the 300 last night, and he was going crazy. In the past two weeks he has gone from Chip just being able to feel him kick to moving my entire stomach. We had our 24 week appt. today and everything looks normal. I go back in 3 weeks for my yummy glucose test.
Katie starts Kindergarten in ONE WEEK!! I am trying to put it in the back of my mind, but we have so much to get taken care of in the next week that I can't seem to forget. We had to get the endocrinologist to fax in a care plan. And we have had to have a meeting with the county nurse, and we have Open House on Thursday. We are going to be able to meet with her teacher and anyone else that she will see during the day that might need to know about her diabetes, and what signs to be on the lookout for. I just can't imagine how I am going to make it through a whole day with her that far away. I know it is not even a mile up the street, but it is too far for me. After a few weeks I am sure I will relax, but at first this is going to be super hard to handle. I will be so stressed!! Katie, on the other hand is going to love it.
Katie has been rocking out in front of the tv to a "music video" on the Disney Channel. It is by Aly & AJ ... called "The Potential Break-up Song." She wants to dress like them and she has asked for a golden microphone on a "stick" to sing into. She is such a DRAMA QUEEN! She is full of personality.