Monday, August 27, 2007


Today was Katie's first day completely shot free in almost five years!! How cool is that?!?!? We pulled her out of school last week to wean her off the insulin shots and get her body adjusted to the pills. We were a little iffy on totally doing away with the shot this morning, but decided to go for it. We definitely don't want her dipping at school! And it all went perfectly. Not one call from her teachers about her blood sugar today!! Of course, Katie is loving the no shot. However, she still has not completely grasped the idea that she may never have to take shots again. She kept asking if we could "skip" her shot tomorrow.
I went in for my glucose test today. Hopefully, I won't hear from the nurse anytime soon, since they only call if there is a problem. Mr. Kickles' (yup, still no name) heart rate was 130. It was 150 the first time we heard it at 12 weeks, but still good. I still can't believe there are almost three months to go. Chip and I were sitting on the couch and he was just SO active!! Katie was definitely not that strong!

Katie insisted I take a pic of her first day back at school. Maybe she does have that scrapbooker mentality ...

She was out for a week so we had some work to make up, and they have started having "homework" as well.

We went to a baby shower for a couple we used to work with at the Grand, Randy and Carrie Woods, on Sunday ... and yes, Chip bought the shirt just for the baby shower. I told him it was fine as long as I qualify as one of the hot moms. He was nice enough to say I do ...