Friday, September 7, 2007

Just catching up ...

Almost two weeks SHOT FREE!!! Katie has been doing awesome on the pills. I think her teachers miss talking to us because they were still calling the first week even when her sugar was not at the "call parents" point. She has had some highs, but they are mainly right before time for her second dose. She is loving it! Go figure, she prefers swallowing a few pills to taking a shot ...
Also, Katie is doing so good at school. Although she gets frustrated when she doesn't do things perfectly. Hard to convince her that everything doesn't have to be perfect ... and then turn around and insist she re-do something. Confusing, huh. She has a problem with curvy letters. They were learning M and S this week, and she (and I) was getting frustrated writing the S. She hasn't quite grasped the idea of staying between the lines on the paper. Behavior wise, she is doing great. Making lots of little friends. Last week we had a fundraising night at Chick-fil-A. Katie got to dunk one of the guys from the office.

I also ate lunch with her again today. I will have to enjoy what time I have before she is embarrassed to have her Mommy at school.
Katie is getting pretty good at swimming. Of course that may be because she insists on getting in the pool on a daily basis. The only time I get a break from the pool is if it rains, and considering the 16 inch rain deficit we have that is not very often. I did haul the camera out while she was in the pool, and even took the camera in the pool. Got some good shots before she started complaining. I told her that I would stop taking pictures when she stopped being cute, so she started making faces. I had to tell her that the faces did not detract from her cuteness.

Mr. McKickles is still living up to his name. Kicking me constantly ... and usually in very uncomfortable places. We go Monday for another check-up. Just over 10 weeks to go!! Really feeling the crunch on getting the nursery done ... and that is no where close to being done (or even started). I did just crochet him a little hat. My first attempt turned out doll sized, so Katie got a gift for one of her babies. My second attempt I paid more attention to the actual pattern. Now I just have to hope his head will fit in it. I did the bigger size, so it might be too big, but considering our family history of big head babies I did not want to take a chance.