Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our Annual Ole Miss Game

Ok, so this post is about a week and a half late, but I just wanted to get it all down and post some pics. Every year we try to get together for a game with all the family from school. Chip's fraternity brothers and their wives, and those we met at the house. I wasn't a sorority type girl, but I am glad Chip did the fraternity thing because those people are definitely part of our family. It also helps that we have a gaggle of crazy kids that get along pretty great. Half the fun of getting together is watching those goof balls play.
The game itself was pretty good this year. Ole Miss vs. Florida. Florida, being ranked number 3 was supposed to blow us out of the water, but our Rebels made a pretty good showing. We even had a chance of beating them, but in the end we just couldn't do it. No matter, the game was great. It was exciting. We had a great time cheering. We sat with the Martinez family and Josh and Kim. Katie and Riley had a blast cheering on the Rebels. At least we know we are raising them right :)
After the game we ran in the Rebel Bookstore, and then headed back to the Grove to hang out somemore. When we just couldn't take it anymore a group of us headed over to Joe and Julie's for a little cookout. And the girls got a baby cake for my belly ... I mean, for my prego belly. Any excuse for cake!!
We love you guys! Wish we could do this much more often!

Stole this pic from Katy. I managed not to get one cute shot of the cheerleaders all together!

She just had to have the barbecue nachos ...

Chip said this was our Big Love picture :) Love you gals, but I ain't sharing!