Monday, March 31, 2008

39 Since Easter ...

We brought out the walker for Connor, though I think that Katie has used it more. I have come in to the living room several times to find her sitting in the walker to watch tv, and one day she sat in it while she was eating a snack. Connor at least likes it better than the exersaucer thing. He enjoys playing with the "gearshift" the most, and checking out his reflection.

Katie made a new friend that lives up from the park. Actually, she made a couple, including 4 dogs. I cringed watching these girls cart around those poor pups, but the puppies did not seem to mind. They were not rough with them or anything, it was just CONSTANT attention. But what really made me laugh was the older sister (maybe 9). Katie was up playing with them, but I had stayed down at the park where I could see them without looming. I went up to get her and was letting her play a little longer when the 5 year old wanted to ask me a question - so she was asking Katie my name - all the sudden the older sister started telling her that she is not supposed to talk to strangers. At this point I have been in their yard for about 15 minutes. She did not have a problem with me being in their yard, but DON'T TALK TO ME! Then (and this is the best part) she ran inside to tell the mother that her sister was talking to a stranger, LEAVING HER ALONE WITH THE STRANGER!! I don't think the parents have properly taught this rule to their children :) It was all I could do to keep a straight face, but she was so serious that I did not want to laugh.
Connor had his first trip to the park. He tried to grab handfuls of grass. I can't wait for warmer weather so he can really feel the grass. Tickling his chubby thighs and his bare feet.

Katie's school had a Spring Festival on the 28th. I just do not remember this much fundraising when I was in elementary school. Katie brought home a packet of crapalogs, I mean catalogs, for a fundraiser, and then there was the Spring Festival. The tickets were 50 cents each. Most of the games only took one ticket, but the cake walk (which I brought cupcakes in for) was 2 tickets, and the blow-up slide and maze thing were 4 tickets! Seriously $2.00 for AIR! I know it is a fundraiser, but that was ridiculous! At least on the slide they let them go twice, the maze you only went through once. FOR AIR! And of course every kid there wanted to do that. Even after rental fees they made a killing! But Katie had a blast and that is all that matters. Connor was perfect as usual. We ran into Katie's friend Shelby and her parents. Endira is such fun to hangout with. She is from Nicaragua, but we get along so well. Her English is getting so good! We met a few years ago in the park behind the house, and I am so glad that we did!

And I almost forgot, at the Festival they had a "tattoo" parlor. Which was kinda funny since Katie had insisted I put her Pirates of the Caribbean tattoo on her tummy before we left the house. So, she picked out her tattoo and had it put right beside the other one. Too cute - weird, but cute!

We promised Katie a family day, so on Sunday we took everyone out for a movie and dinner. We went to see "Horton Hears a Who." This was Connor's second movie. He is not even six months yet, but he WATCHED the movie! It was amazing to watch his eyes tracking back and forth across the screen, and LAUGHING at funny parts! I know I am not the first Mom to think her child is a genius, but he really was watching the movie. Katie would have had no interest at that age. She did not care about tv at all until after she was a year old. He is definitely his father's son! We also went to Chili's for dinner and a little shopping. A pretty good family day, even if it was raining.

Friday, March 28, 2008

38 Easter Merriment

Katie had quite an extensive Easter this year.
She had an egg hunt at school. They were adorable. Her group only was supposed to get 12 eggs each, but you had to keep an eye on them. Heck, what Kindergartener wants to count their eggs? Katie also was able to show off her little brother, which was the highlight of the day for her.

She visited the Easter Bunny at the Mall. I forgot to send money in for her to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny at school so I promised I would take her, plus it was Connor's first Easter. This was the first year that Katie voluntarily sat on his lap - or really the first year she did at all. Last year she wanted to look at the Easter Bunny from the second level of the mall but she would not go any closer than that!

We went to the Easter Egg Hunt at Snowden Grove - well, we got there late, but Katie was able to get a few eggs and play. Really she got the best part. All the eggs had the same candy (at least hers did). Sure, they are putting out about a thousand egss but you would expect at least some variety. But the big attraction of the day was the petting zoo and the PONY RIDE! In fact, on the way there Katie was talking about her schools trip to the petting zoo (mainly milking a cow) and riding the horse at the MidSouth Fair. So it was awesome to find out that they had animals out. Katie loved ripping out hunks of grass and feeding the goats. There was also an incredible playground (that scared me to death!).

And of course you can't forget the actual Easter Bunny coming to the house. Easter baskets are the best part! Katie even got a Polly Pocket cellphone, so she can now talk to Polly! Luckily the Easter Bunny brought new sidewalk chalk for us to play with. And too much candy! Connor got a couple little toys, but he will have to wait until next year for candy. And that sweet Easter Bunny even left a basket of Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs for Mom and Dad (though mostly MOM). Oh, and notice our little man is "sitting up"!! He starte doing it the day before Easter ... but he may just be propped up by his chub rolls!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

37 Spring Break Part Deux

I have got to get caught up on this blog ... so this will be quick:) I think!

Wednesday March 12th:
We went to the park. Katie HAS to go to the park. The water features were not turned on yet, but she still had a blast. I just love how kids don't care if they know each other, they just want to play. They will introduce themselves and they are fast friends. Of course that IS why you have to actually watch your children. Katie also got to take her brother on his first slide. He was not terribly impressed, but Katie was very good and very careful with Connor.

Thursday March 13th:
Mom forced me to leave her in charge of the kids. Where else is there to go than "My Favorite Place" or Bob's as we like to call it. It is unabashedly a JUNK store. There are some fabulous finds, but you have to look hard. I ended up spending 17 bucks. I got 6 Raggedy Ann and Andy books, a book on needlework, a cute little owl figurine, and about 6 maps for Connors room. Oh, and a Campbell Soup Recipe book. There was a nice dry sink that I could not haul back to Mississippi and an ANTELOPE on sale for $325!!

Friday March 14th:
Like most days this one involved Katie on skates and Katie doing art. Really most of our days were lazy days watching Katie play and snuggling with Connor. We did go to Geof and Leslie's for a delicious dinner. Steaks, awesome rice and Italian pole beans. Katie and Claire ran around like the wild little things that they are, but I am pretty sure that Katie brings out the wildness in everyone. Connor and Milly had a little bonding time. I swear, they reached out to hold hands, we did not do that! It was the sweetest thing. I also had my first trip to Trader Joe's.

Saturday March 15th:
The whole family came over for dinner again. This time it was spaghetti and meatballs! YUM! And believe it or not I did not take one picture. They finally got away without me making everyone pose for a family picture. I could kick myself for that. I just love to be able to look at our whole family gathered together, and I can't imagine that I am the only one. How often are we all in the same house? Just a few times a year, so next time they better be prepared! Pictures will be taken! We had a great time just hanging out. What is more relaxing than being in a room full of family? Miss being in Atlanta, but only because of them.

Sunday March 16th:
We loaded up and headed back to Mississippi. Thankfully not an eventful trip. And Connor was even better or the way home than he was on the way out. We were all glad to be home with Daddy. I just wish he had cleaned the house ...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

36 Spring Break Part 1

Oh what a "spring" Break we had. It started with snow and ended with tornadoes, and in between we had some lovely 70 degree temps to play in. What would you expect when you schedule Spring Break for the second week of March?!?! What in the world could Mississippi have been thinking when they put that one through?
We set off for Atlanta and my family on Sunday March 9th. I was completely amazed because Connor did GREAT on the 6 hour trip, and Katie did pretty good herself. There was one point where I was driving one handed while I fed Connor a bottle, but even that was not too bad. I called Mom when we hit Six Flags and she was amazed that we had made such good time (78 has made it even further!). And that was the first I heard that the whole family was coming for dinner. We beat everyone there, and we had a few moments to relax, get Connor fed, and Katie playing. And what family visit is complete without a roast? Mom makes the BEST roast ever! I don't know what she does that makes it so wonderful, but it truly is one of my favorite dinners. When you would rather eat meat and veggies than the dessert you know it is good. We passed the babies around while the big ones played. It was just so good to be surrounded by my family!

After everyone left Katie was wanting something to do, so I pulled out my typewriter from high school. I had to explain to her that it was what people used before we had computers. Oh, the somewhat good ol' days :)

*don't worry, I am not going to recount every moment - or I will try not to*
Monday was another Atlanta tradition - The Last Chance Thrift Store's Half Price Day!! You can find such fabulous steals! I got Katie 5 pairs of jeans, 4 pair of shorts. a pair of skates, Katie added to her purse collection and got a toy camera and the Little People House, and I got a pegboard about 5 feet long with a flag motif. I think I must have gotten something else, but between Mom and I we spent under $25! he rode around with the house in her lap for a few days. The skates were a HUGE hit! We did hit Goodwill, but I only got a pack of printer transparencies for $1.01 and something else I absolutely don't remember. Katie got another chance to hang out with Austin when we had pizza at their house. She gets along so well with her cousins, and Austin is very patient with her. I know it must be abit annoying to have a 5 year old girl tagging along after you, but he did very good playing with her.
Tuesday we went to EGYPT! Okay, so it was the Michael Carlos Museum at Emory. A fabulous collection of mummies and Egyptian Art that is there full-time, and they also had a Nubian Collection on loan. Katie was in heaven. The mummies did freak her out a little, but she it did not stop her from looking. Thank you Scooby Doo for this interest in archeology :)

And what else do you want to eat after looking at an Egyptian exhibit ... Chinese! So, we headed off to another favorite, the China Inn in Chamblee. I have eaten there for as long as I can remember. Katie even requested CHOPSTICKS!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Not much has been going on here in the Jackson house. Just lots and lots of cuddling.
We pulled out the exer-saucer thing, but Connor is not quite up to it yet. Today he did stand in it without slouching down and chewing on the seat. Progress comes in small shuffle steps sometimes.
Katie decided a few days ago that she could PICK UP her brother!! You can just imagine my horror when I turned around in the kitchen to see Katie standing in the living room with Connor in her arms!! At least she was not walking with him I did not know what to do first. I could not decide if I should put down what I was doing or just rush right in with it in my hands. I was turning in circles just terrified that her arms would get tired. Of course they did not. She really is a strong little girl, even if she is rail thin. Not that I am going to allow her to pick him up anymore. We have upgraded her to being able to hold him in her lap with his head on her shoulder. Giving her a little trust on being able to support him. I do have to save Connor every once in a while, but Katie is very good about telling me when her arms are getting tired, or she just wants to put him down.

And then it SNOWED!! School let out at 11 AM, we went to Fridays for lunch before the weather turned, a little family togetherness before I take the kids to Atlanta, which was supposed to be Saturday (which technically is today) Oh, Katie was over the moon! She was so excited, just had to be out in it. There was no keeping her inside, even when we told her not to go outside. I remember how exciting it was to us when we were little, so it is hard to get too mad. Okay, so I got mad, but then reminded myself that she IS 5 and she IS as excited as I used to be. So, I got over it. Connor was down for a nap, so we played on the deck for a bit right when it started. SO COLD! And Katie ran outside without gloves on, and then her hands were too wet to get gloves on her, so she had to come in to warm up.

That did not last very long and we were in the front yard - I was thinking there would be other kids for her to play with so that I did not have to throw snowballs or be hit with them! But there really weren't many kids out, two up the street. When Chip left for work we had to go in to take care of Connor.
Which did not last long! We were back on the deck with frequent baby checks. The snow was really starting to pile up now and Katie was having a good time. Her bubble mower was out so she mowed the snow. Finally she was frozen solid, so I convinced her to come inside and have a hot bath.
THAT DID NOT LAST VERY LONG ... (do you see a pattern?) As soon as she got out and dressed in some dry clothes she wanted out again. I even told her no ... came downstairs 30 seconds behind her and she was already on the deck! Why, oh why, did I take off the child safety covers on the doorknob? So I rushed her back in, at least until her hair was dry. Then every 2 minutes it was "My hair is dry, can we go back outside?" Thank goodness Connor was taking a good nap!!
Talked to Mom and she brought up the red sled she had brought us. So, I tracked down a battery for the monitor, a cord for the sled, and we were off to the races. This time with double layers of clothes and mittens. Finally managed to get the gate open and we made a lap around the track to get Katie used to sliding. We really don't have a great place for sledding, but there is a bit of a hill behind the neighbors yard, and for Katie it was quite steep enough. I even got to take a few turns on the sled. Twice by myself and two times with Katie. Once again I was totally amazed that we were the only fools out in the park! The wind was gusting and the snow was stinging (this is the South, no fluffy snow for us), but it was FUN! How did all those other parents and kids miss out on this. It is not everyday we get snow down here. In fact, we get one good snow a year usually, why would you waste it? Sure, it will be there tomorrow, but not for too long. It will warm up, turn slushy and dirty and brown, and they will be sorry they missed it. Not Katie and I, we had a blast!!!