Thursday, March 27, 2008

37 Spring Break Part Deux

I have got to get caught up on this blog ... so this will be quick:) I think!

Wednesday March 12th:
We went to the park. Katie HAS to go to the park. The water features were not turned on yet, but she still had a blast. I just love how kids don't care if they know each other, they just want to play. They will introduce themselves and they are fast friends. Of course that IS why you have to actually watch your children. Katie also got to take her brother on his first slide. He was not terribly impressed, but Katie was very good and very careful with Connor.

Thursday March 13th:
Mom forced me to leave her in charge of the kids. Where else is there to go than "My Favorite Place" or Bob's as we like to call it. It is unabashedly a JUNK store. There are some fabulous finds, but you have to look hard. I ended up spending 17 bucks. I got 6 Raggedy Ann and Andy books, a book on needlework, a cute little owl figurine, and about 6 maps for Connors room. Oh, and a Campbell Soup Recipe book. There was a nice dry sink that I could not haul back to Mississippi and an ANTELOPE on sale for $325!!

Friday March 14th:
Like most days this one involved Katie on skates and Katie doing art. Really most of our days were lazy days watching Katie play and snuggling with Connor. We did go to Geof and Leslie's for a delicious dinner. Steaks, awesome rice and Italian pole beans. Katie and Claire ran around like the wild little things that they are, but I am pretty sure that Katie brings out the wildness in everyone. Connor and Milly had a little bonding time. I swear, they reached out to hold hands, we did not do that! It was the sweetest thing. I also had my first trip to Trader Joe's.

Saturday March 15th:
The whole family came over for dinner again. This time it was spaghetti and meatballs! YUM! And believe it or not I did not take one picture. They finally got away without me making everyone pose for a family picture. I could kick myself for that. I just love to be able to look at our whole family gathered together, and I can't imagine that I am the only one. How often are we all in the same house? Just a few times a year, so next time they better be prepared! Pictures will be taken! We had a great time just hanging out. What is more relaxing than being in a room full of family? Miss being in Atlanta, but only because of them.

Sunday March 16th:
We loaded up and headed back to Mississippi. Thankfully not an eventful trip. And Connor was even better or the way home than he was on the way out. We were all glad to be home with Daddy. I just wish he had cleaned the house ...