Monday, March 31, 2008

39 Since Easter ...

We brought out the walker for Connor, though I think that Katie has used it more. I have come in to the living room several times to find her sitting in the walker to watch tv, and one day she sat in it while she was eating a snack. Connor at least likes it better than the exersaucer thing. He enjoys playing with the "gearshift" the most, and checking out his reflection.

Katie made a new friend that lives up from the park. Actually, she made a couple, including 4 dogs. I cringed watching these girls cart around those poor pups, but the puppies did not seem to mind. They were not rough with them or anything, it was just CONSTANT attention. But what really made me laugh was the older sister (maybe 9). Katie was up playing with them, but I had stayed down at the park where I could see them without looming. I went up to get her and was letting her play a little longer when the 5 year old wanted to ask me a question - so she was asking Katie my name - all the sudden the older sister started telling her that she is not supposed to talk to strangers. At this point I have been in their yard for about 15 minutes. She did not have a problem with me being in their yard, but DON'T TALK TO ME! Then (and this is the best part) she ran inside to tell the mother that her sister was talking to a stranger, LEAVING HER ALONE WITH THE STRANGER!! I don't think the parents have properly taught this rule to their children :) It was all I could do to keep a straight face, but she was so serious that I did not want to laugh.
Connor had his first trip to the park. He tried to grab handfuls of grass. I can't wait for warmer weather so he can really feel the grass. Tickling his chubby thighs and his bare feet.

Katie's school had a Spring Festival on the 28th. I just do not remember this much fundraising when I was in elementary school. Katie brought home a packet of crapalogs, I mean catalogs, for a fundraiser, and then there was the Spring Festival. The tickets were 50 cents each. Most of the games only took one ticket, but the cake walk (which I brought cupcakes in for) was 2 tickets, and the blow-up slide and maze thing were 4 tickets! Seriously $2.00 for AIR! I know it is a fundraiser, but that was ridiculous! At least on the slide they let them go twice, the maze you only went through once. FOR AIR! And of course every kid there wanted to do that. Even after rental fees they made a killing! But Katie had a blast and that is all that matters. Connor was perfect as usual. We ran into Katie's friend Shelby and her parents. Endira is such fun to hangout with. She is from Nicaragua, but we get along so well. Her English is getting so good! We met a few years ago in the park behind the house, and I am so glad that we did!

And I almost forgot, at the Festival they had a "tattoo" parlor. Which was kinda funny since Katie had insisted I put her Pirates of the Caribbean tattoo on her tummy before we left the house. So, she picked out her tattoo and had it put right beside the other one. Too cute - weird, but cute!

We promised Katie a family day, so on Sunday we took everyone out for a movie and dinner. We went to see "Horton Hears a Who." This was Connor's second movie. He is not even six months yet, but he WATCHED the movie! It was amazing to watch his eyes tracking back and forth across the screen, and LAUGHING at funny parts! I know I am not the first Mom to think her child is a genius, but he really was watching the movie. Katie would have had no interest at that age. She did not care about tv at all until after she was a year old. He is definitely his father's son! We also went to Chili's for dinner and a little shopping. A pretty good family day, even if it was raining.