Sunday, March 23, 2008

36 Spring Break Part 1

Oh what a "spring" Break we had. It started with snow and ended with tornadoes, and in between we had some lovely 70 degree temps to play in. What would you expect when you schedule Spring Break for the second week of March?!?! What in the world could Mississippi have been thinking when they put that one through?
We set off for Atlanta and my family on Sunday March 9th. I was completely amazed because Connor did GREAT on the 6 hour trip, and Katie did pretty good herself. There was one point where I was driving one handed while I fed Connor a bottle, but even that was not too bad. I called Mom when we hit Six Flags and she was amazed that we had made such good time (78 has made it even further!). And that was the first I heard that the whole family was coming for dinner. We beat everyone there, and we had a few moments to relax, get Connor fed, and Katie playing. And what family visit is complete without a roast? Mom makes the BEST roast ever! I don't know what she does that makes it so wonderful, but it truly is one of my favorite dinners. When you would rather eat meat and veggies than the dessert you know it is good. We passed the babies around while the big ones played. It was just so good to be surrounded by my family!

After everyone left Katie was wanting something to do, so I pulled out my typewriter from high school. I had to explain to her that it was what people used before we had computers. Oh, the somewhat good ol' days :)

*don't worry, I am not going to recount every moment - or I will try not to*
Monday was another Atlanta tradition - The Last Chance Thrift Store's Half Price Day!! You can find such fabulous steals! I got Katie 5 pairs of jeans, 4 pair of shorts. a pair of skates, Katie added to her purse collection and got a toy camera and the Little People House, and I got a pegboard about 5 feet long with a flag motif. I think I must have gotten something else, but between Mom and I we spent under $25! he rode around with the house in her lap for a few days. The skates were a HUGE hit! We did hit Goodwill, but I only got a pack of printer transparencies for $1.01 and something else I absolutely don't remember. Katie got another chance to hang out with Austin when we had pizza at their house. She gets along so well with her cousins, and Austin is very patient with her. I know it must be abit annoying to have a 5 year old girl tagging along after you, but he did very good playing with her.
Tuesday we went to EGYPT! Okay, so it was the Michael Carlos Museum at Emory. A fabulous collection of mummies and Egyptian Art that is there full-time, and they also had a Nubian Collection on loan. Katie was in heaven. The mummies did freak her out a little, but she it did not stop her from looking. Thank you Scooby Doo for this interest in archeology :)

And what else do you want to eat after looking at an Egyptian exhibit ... Chinese! So, we headed off to another favorite, the China Inn in Chamblee. I have eaten there for as long as I can remember. Katie even requested CHOPSTICKS!