Thursday, December 31, 2009

325 We Survived Another Christmas

We baked the cookies (although I managed to somehow delete those pictures)The cat got wore smack out waiting for us to finish the preparationsSanta arrived, ate his cookies and dropped off the gifts. Fat man didn't even try to kiss me.Good thing too because as you can see he brought me a Snuggie ... Thats okay though ... I caught Chip with it on! Pink is his color!And of course Katie had to put it on too. Grammy came the day after Christmas and brought even MORE gifts .... AND SWEETS!And on Sunday we headed down to my in-laws for day three of Christmas festivities.Chip picked out a Sock Monkey for Presley, and this is her reaction to opening it. Don't worry, once it came out of the packaging she loved it.
And Katie being sassy about something ... as usualConnor has horrible tea party mannersI do love that I have ONE family member that insists on me taking pictures. My niece Tori .... isn't she gorgeous! (and of course my other good looking in-laws)
Tori and TanyaTori and ScottTori and Michael
All in all not bad ... if Katie could have stopped complaining about what she DIDN'T get .... Oh well, I have a whole year to change that before next Christmas rolls around.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

324 Escape to NOLA

If you want to get technical, we were on our way to New Orleans, LA for the wedding of one of Chip's fraternity brothers, but you can't blame us for parlaying that into a weekend getaway. Seriously, it was out first kid free night in seven and a half years. It was also the first time that Katie and Connor were allowed to spend the night at Mimi and PopPop's.

I give up ... been trying to find time to write this post for over a week, but I can't find it. Here are some pics, there are more in my Flickr ...
Suffice to say, we ate lots of beignets and other delicious food. We walked around the French Quarter A LOT. I drank lots of coffee and margaritas. When I get a chance I will revisit this and be more eloquent.