Thursday, December 17, 2009

323 Never Threaten a Fairy

Katie is seven and a half years old, and up until yesterday she had all of her baby teeth. They came in late. She barely had a tooth on her first birthday. She has been claiming that her tooth has been loose for months. If you ask her, she has 10 loose teeth. I am afraid we may have to start blending all of her food if she is right. All I know is those teeth need to come out FAST! They are worn down to all but nubs. Her top teeth are starting to look crooked. Please let them come out fast (and please PLEASE let them come back in straight!)!

Right before we left to see Santa on Monday I snapped this picture. Her poor tooth could be bent all the way back, but her gums just WOULD NOT let it go!! And I know she must have been miserable. Trying to take a bite out of most foods has been bothering her for a while (though usually only on the stuff she doesn't want to eat anyway).

I was cooking dinner last night, and I heard Katie come clomping down the stairs. It was her excited "gotta hurry" clomp, too.

"Momma! My tooth came out!!!"

And she did it all on her own! Maybe the fact she was chewing gum helped it along ... Yes Mom, I know she has schmutz on her face. Yes Mom, I know I should wipe her off before I take pictures. But, this is how she came to me, and I like to take photos of actual events.

....or I am too lazy to take the time to wipe her mouth off.

So, then the Tooth Fairy discussions began in earnest. We had to locate the tooth pillow I had made for her a few months back...
which she then decided not to use because they had given her a tooth shaped box at school. And since this is Katie's first lost tooth I wrote a little note to make sure that the Tooth Fairy left her tooth for me to put in her keepsake box.

As I was tucking her in Katie was asking about how the Tooth Fairy would come to her room, and what would she leave, and blah diddy blah. And she was starting to get nervous thinking about the Tooth Fairy getting that close to her. (When she was younger we had to promise her that Santa did not actually come in our house, he just used magic to get her presents under the tree) The last thing she said as I was walking out of the room was "If that Tooth Fairy wakes me up I am going to punch her!"

Well, apparently Katie scared the crap out of the Tooth Fairy because she did not even attempt to leave the money under her pillow. (or Chip thought it was taken care of and didn't do it, whatever) Crisis was averted when I discovered that the Tooth Fairy had left her five dollar bill on the stove. PHEW!

It did give me the chance to impart an important bit of wisdom to my little girl ....



avionicsman said...

Congrats on the first tooth fairy arrival!! My kids just had her 9th tooth come out. 2 of them were removed by the dentist. One of which (a 12 year molar) had to have a spacer put in to keep the teeth aligned. Wishfull thinking on the teeth coming in straight, good luck with that!!

kath said...

Haha! I envision the tooth fairy with a loose tooth after being punched!