Thursday, December 17, 2009

322 Sing Along

Thursday night was Katie's Second Grade Holiday program ... or in any other state it would be called a holiday program to be politically correct, but here in Mississippi it is outright Christmas.

Programs are a painful thing. One, they are always on a night that Chip has to work, so I am stuck wrestling COnnor, trying to take pictures.Two, Katie either remembers to sing and forgets the gestures, or she is so intent on the gestures she forgets to sing. It didn't help that her blood sugar was high. Poor girl looked like she wanted to curl up and go to sleep on the risers.At one point she yawned really really big. (yeah, I yawned when I typed yawn, wanna make something of it?)

I have nothing witty to write about her program. It was a room of second graders singing ... how adorable is that?! Well, here are a few little audio clips (if I figured out how to make it work) that prove the adorable-ness.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Let it Snow (with an intro of Connor whining)