Wednesday, January 18, 2012

470 Oh, Hello ... Anyone Still There?

The loss of years and years of pictures really took the joy out of blogging for me. To click on this site and see the big black boxes where pictures used to be... made me sick to my stomach. I need to get over it. Move on ... I need to remember that the entire point to this blog was to allow my family that doesn't live nearby to keep up with us. It has become more... a place I can share some of my arts and crafts stuff. A place I can ramble and even complain. Oh, don't worry ... I didn't lose my outlet entirely, it just wasn't here. But anyway, it is time to suck it up and just start posting again. Give myself something to do. I may not have much to say for a while, but I will try to get soem posts up. Maybe it will inspire me.

I will be trying to get caught up. Maybe add back in pictures to posts as I can.

I know Mom will be happy to have more current pics of the kids to look at when she drops in, so ... here is one to hold her over....