Saturday, July 23, 2011

457 ARGH

Everytime I touch my computer I get attacked. It is by my adorably annoying children, but it still means I am mostly MIA... I will be back with pics and stories and crafty goodness soon. School starts back on August 4th and I will be able to think again!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

456 Hello Again

I know, I know ...
I don't call.
I don't write.
You were worried, weren't you?!
But, not to worry ... we have just been enjoying our summer here in the Jaxon house.
A little duck feeding to pass the time.

 I love that Connor is HISSING at the geese. It probably wouldn't have been as cute if the geese tried to hiss back, but they stayed clear of him.

We finally got the pool up and we have been in it NONSTOP (at least it seems that way to me). Katie is becoming a fish, and Connor is testing his limits with his arm floaties. I, however, am playing lifeguard and catcher. Connor's favorite thing to do in the pool is to jump off the ladder .... shhhhh, I know you aren't technically supposed to jump off the ladders.

.....and I turned 34.

I won some barbecue rub from a contest on The Thought Vox blog. I can't wait to try it out, and you know I will be taking pics and letting you know about it. C-Dub's BBQ Rub is all natural and organic. I won't keep telling you about it here, but see that link right up there in red? Yeah, follow that! You can read reviews and information about the company. And of course you can order some for yourself!!  I will be adding my own two cents as soon as I get a chance to rub it on some meat :) Also, that blue link .. follow it to The Thought Vox. It is a great blog and she frequently runs contests for music and other goodies (not to mention that Pam is an incredible artist in her own right-the photograph behind the rubs was on the card from Pam).

After a day in the pool I am finding it hard to find the energy to be creative. I finally broke out the sketchbook and I have drawn up a new canvas that needs to be painted, but other than that I have been a bit creatively brain dead. And, along those same lines I have run out of things to say ....

 We did enjoy some fireworks on the 4th at Latimer Lakes with some friends.... I brought the big camera, but I never took it out. The phone camera is just too easy...

 I know we are blurry, but it is the only pic of all four of us.

We did get a new hamster... Her name is Pepper, but we are currently fighting off wet tail, so I am not sure how exciting our news is... Hopefully I will be able to share more pictures of her soon. She really is a little cutie. She seems to be much younger than Snowflake was when we got her, so she is having some problems adjusting.