Tuesday, August 26, 2008

83 I hate the Pizza Man

Apparently I have spent my life tightly insulated from reality. How in the world did my Mom know how to handle these things? How did everything seem to run so smoothly when we were kids? I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. I just run around in circles until I fall down, and I am worse off than when I started. I just have an inability to question things right away. I hate to admit it, but I think I have relied on Chip too long. I have looked to him for the final answers to things when I should have trusted myself. I have let him be the decision maker, and I don't know if I can work my way back into that role. I don't want to wear the pants all the time, but I want to be able to wear them when I need to. I want to be capable of independence!!
I can trace this inability to confront things back to ordering pizza as a child. It was winter break I guess because my brother and I were home alone, and I had money in my purse so we decided to order a pizza. Only problem is that after we wordered the pizza I realized that my purse was still in the back of Mrs. Pinson's car!! My hair was soaking wet, but I hopped on my bike and rode up to their house (and I do mean up, that was a killer hill) - not home. So, I stopped by the house of a kid we babysat for sometimes - not home. By then my hair was frozen. So, we hid in the basement. Yeah, like the pizza man was going to bust into the house. We could hear him banging on the door, screaming "PIZZA MAN" when he did not get an answer. Eventually he left and then the pizza place called. We were so embarrassed, we gathered up all the change we could find, mostly pennies and put them in the mailbox for the pizza man, and went without our pizza. Since then I hate to call people on the phone. I hate to be without actual cash. I am fearful that I will not be able to pay my way. I can still hear that guy at the door "PIZZA MAN!!!" And I still cringe and feel insignificant. So, yeah I order my pizza online these days. Chip gives me a hard time about not wanting to call about, well, anything - he never wants to call either.
I took Katie to the dentist today, and he tells me she needs to have caps on her 4 back teeth. At the time that seemed perfectly reasonable, so we lined up the appointment. Now it is 12 hours later, I have had time to think and time to talk to my Mom ... and I am starting to think the whole idea is nuts. I did a little research and I really need to have the dentist call her endocrinologist to make sure she does not need antibiotics, just in case. And I need to know what other options there are because caps seem kind of drastic, and EXPENSIVE. If it really is the only option then okay, but there has to be something else. And the fact that her appointment was today and she is supposed to go back tomorrow just makes me feel rushed. Now I just have to get the nerve to call tomorrow ...

Monday, August 25, 2008

82 Up and Running

The computer that is .... I think my body would go into shock if I took a run right now. Well, that and the fact it is about midnight, so shock might be the least of my body's worries. Found out tonight that a 19 year old was shot and killed in the park behind our house!! One of the neighbors called to see if I knew why there were 5 police cars on the street, and she decided to ask them on her way down to pick up my sewing machine. No details, just that basic information. I tried to look it up online, but I have not found any stories about a shooting. How terrifying is that?!?!? Takes the safe feeling away in a hurry. Makes me want to put the house on the market and run away, but in this market who would buy it? And where would we run to, everywhere has crime. I just want to have more details!! I want to know if it was an argument, if it was drugs, if it was gang related. I need to know if this is something that will be a recurring thing. I need to know that my babies will be safe. I need a 20 foot steel wall around my house!!
When we were looking out the front door at the police cars, Katie saw a FROG! And she freaked out! She wanted me to pick her up, and I think she scared the poor frog because he hopped as fast as he could INTO OUR HOUSE!! And then I had to get him out. First he was under the chest of drawers thing, and I got my hands on him but he made this squeaky squeal sound and I dropped him - so I could squeal as well. And then he went under the toy box, which was not too bad, but when I was moving stuff to get to him ... he hopped behind the TV armoire. Like I could move that behemoth! I finally got him shooed out into the open, and I got him to hop into a big cup, and then I got the slimey squishy thing outside. I may not be scared like Katie, but I don't especially like having to handle frogs. I think it goes back to my childhood when we were always told that warts came from frog pee. I know they don't, but still makes me squirm thinking about it. And it does not help that they are so darn squishy. I am always afraid they will pop! Eeeewwww!!!
So, all in all, a pretty unsettling night.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

81 Now the computer died

Okay, so we think it is just my video card, but it does mean that my computer is out of commission. So, no pictures and no yahoo messenger and no random surfing for me.
Katie and Mia did go Friday night to try out a cheerleading gym here. THEY LOVED IT!!! I am not sure how much Katie is going to be able to do, especially until we find out about her nerve conduction test, but I wanted her to get involved in something. This is a beginners class, 6-10 year olds, and the teacher seemed really sweet. Katie and Mia had a blast rolling and jumping with the other kids. They started to learn a little routine, but it was their first time so it was FAR from perfect. Katie by no means was the worst there, and considering we are for all intents and purposes one handed that is pretty good. She was adorable. And she was excited. She came home wanting to work on her rolls (and considering that she has been jumping off couches into a roll for years I am sure she will be just fine). She is looking forward to next week, but they will miss Wednesday's practice for Mia's party.
I still am a little iffy on the cheerleading thing. I just was never the cheerleader type so it is hard for me to understand why she wants to be one. I was the girl running up and down the court, so I never cared much about it. I have always agreed that cheerleading is as much a sport as basketball or soccer or such, but I just was wired for the running and scoring. What can I say, I grew up with two brothers! I am trying to make myself step back and let her be herself, but it is so hard when I think of how much I enjoyed things when I was a kid. She is definitely not me, and as hard as it is, she will do what she wants when she wants to. In fact, those are her very words from when she was about 4 .... smart-mouthed little thing isn't she :) I will pick my battles, and this is just not one of them!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

80 Nerves

We had another follow up with the orthopedic doctor today and he is suggesting that we run a nerve test on Katie to make sure that the nerve is firing properly. It is rare, but the nerve has been known to get caught in the bone when it is reset, and with the problems Katie is having with her index finger and thumb it is a possibility. As if my poor baby has not hit the lottery of bad medical luck. She already has what is probably the rarest form of diabetes, monogenic. She was 12th in the country to be diagnosed. So, can we not just get through this broken arm ordeal without hitting another improbability on the nose. The doctor would not even tell us what will happen if the nerve is caught in the bone, other than to say we will have to get it out. He said he will tell us if he needs to, so I am guessing that it will not be at all pleasant. I am just hoping and praying that it will not involve re-breaking the bone, but that hope seems slim. Best to not have to freak her out if its not needed.

And, we added to our Build A Bear family. Yeah, we are suckers ... This is the High School Musical bear. And we got the great news that there will be a Hannah Montana bear coming out next month. GRRRRRRRRR!! Those people are starting to rival the Ice Cream Man on my list of annoying money grubbers. At least the Build A Bear people do not drive up to your house. Anyways, Katie wanted this bear and she named her Ashley Tisdale, so imaginative (insert sarcasm here). We tried to talk her into at least changing it to Ashley Bearsdale, but she was having none of that.

Got home and grabbed the mail, which included the Olive Branch newspaper, and there on the front page was a story about two girls in OB with Type 1 Diabetes that have gotten service dogs that can SMELL their blood sugar. How amazing would that be??!?!!! All those times that we have been terrified of Katie going to sleep and having her sugar go wonky, the dog would be able to wake her and us. It would go to school with her and we would not have to trust that someone else is really taking care of her sugar. For her to be able to be more active. Her diabetes is more under control than it used to be, but her type of diabetes is a new discovery. Who knows if her treatment will ever change, or her body decide it is not going to respond to her medication. She still has highs and lows, though not on the daily basis she did before. It would truly be a wonderful thing to be able to place a little trust in a four-legged friend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

79 Back from the Dead

I have spent the last 5 days in a feverish haze. Hovering somewhere between 99 and 103. Which of course did not preclude me from having to take care of the wee ones and entertaining them. Katie still had to swim with her friends. Connor still needed Mommy for everything. I was in a stupor most of the time, going through the motions. The house is an even bigger sty than it was before, which is saying something. I was so sick that I have not made a pot of coffee in 6 days! I love my coffee, but I just did not have the taste for anything. Finally feeling better today.

Katie has been having fun at school ... but not having fun going to school. She has been crying everyday. She says it is because she misses me, but as wonderful as I am I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she has not made new friends yet. She has started making a new friend, but I guess they are not close enough for Katie to look forward to going to school yet. Even with her limited right hand use she has been doing good. And her blood sugar has been doing awesome! I don't know if I should be happy that it has been so good or not. I am a little afraid that it has been so good that her teachers might get complaisant about it. Today was her first day without crying ... because Daddy bribed her with a movie. If that is what it takes, we are not above bribery. At least in the beginning :)
Connor is a little tank. He crawls up and over everything. If you are sitting in the floor he will almost bowl you over trying to get in your lap. Still no teeth, but he does not let that stop him. I tried sharing an ice cream sandwich with him, but Connor is not into sharing apparently! After his first bite he just kept getting bite after bite, not letting Mommy have much at all. He has discovered a love of anything with wheels, especially if he can get on top of it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

78 - 10 months

Hard to believe that Connor has been part of our lives for 10 months. Even harder to think that there was a time when we did not know his sweet smile. However did we make it through a day without seeing his little cheeky grin?!?! He has developed into such a sweet and easy going child. Sure, he still prefers to be on my hip, but he will consent to letting me put him down for a few minutes (which is more than Katie ever allowed). He will eat ANYTHING, as you can tell from his pictures. He really does not eat too much more than Katie did so we are hoping he will slim down a bit when he learns to chase Katie around, if not - we love his chub! He wants so badly to run after his sister. He is standing for longer periods of time, trying to gain his balance, but he has not gotten it quite yet. Several times he has pulled up on furniture and then let go by himself. He balances in the sweetest way! He holds his arms over his head like he is saying "VICTORY!" He did finally say Mama (about a month ago) but he actually says "Mumma" which I think is even cuter! He is into everything, and wants to destroy it all. Chip put this safety edging around the hearth and Connor immediately thought it was his duty to pull it off. He loves ripping paper, and mostly he LOVES harrassing Katie. Oh, that boy is a perfect little brother! He pulls her hair, eats her toys, follows her around, and gives her big snuggles. Love that boy so much!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

77 - that was a GREAT year!

1977 that is, not that it really has anything to do with this post. I don't know what I plan on blogging about anyway, so it might. Of course I was born in 1977, so it was a great year for me. But I just did a quick search and it looks like it was not a very good year at all!
Anyways ... Katie had her first day of school yesterday. We got a call at snack time because when they tested her blood sugar she was 322! Of course when they washed her hands and retested she was 132. It will all take some getting used to, but it freaks me out to have someone new in charge of her. I just wish her Kindergarten teacher could have gone up to First Grade with her. Is that so much to ask? Other than that Katie had a great first day. She does not have many of her old friends in her class, but I am sure she will have a bunch of new ones in no time at all. She might not have looked so excited coming out of class, but when she saw all of her other friends she brightened up. She got to hug everyone and chase Jacob (her favorite thing to do).

And, it being the first day of school, we finally got the pool put up and filled. It leaned so much last year that we wanted to try to even things up with a load of dirt ... it worked, kinda :) It is definitelt better, but it is not exactly even. Katie does not care at all! She is just happy to have a place to splash and swim. Connor loves the water, too!! We will certainly enjoy it for the next two months!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

76 I have a FIRST GRADER!

Katie's first day of school was today. I still cannot believe how quickly the summer flew by! It seems strange to not have her and Mia running back and forth from house to house. I won't lie though ... the promise of a few hours of relative peace is wonderful! If I could get Connor to nap longer than an hour it would be even better.
As usual we were running behind. It just sneaks up on us. I was making breakfast, packing a snack and lunch, all the sudden it was 5 minutes until we needed to leave and she was not even dressed. Those first day of school pictures sure get rushed when you are sprinting out the door. Smile and turn ... we're good, let's go!

And what would the first day of school be without the frantic run to the door.
This also involved a tiny tumble. Katie said "Mom you made me fall!" but I am pretty sure it had more to do with the fact that she refuses to pick up her feet when she runs. She was fine though, no scrapes or boo-boos thank goodness. We made it to her room on time, not that they were paying too much attention on the first day. I was there for the Pledge of Allegiance, a quick kiss on the top of the head, and out the door. The rain at least held off until she was inside. I, however, had a wet walk back to the car.
Katie picked out her "special first day outfit". This is her, right now. The Camp Rock t-shirt had to have Nick Jonas on it (she will point him out to you and tell you "he has diabetes"). The pants she loved because they 1. had a belt and 2. the rolled up cuffs had leopard spots on them. THE SHOES, they speak for themselves! Aren't they adorable! These are not the Converse of my generation. The Hannah backpack because hey, she loves Hannah. You cannot see the High School Musical lunchbox in her bag. So, what kind of subliminal messaging is Disney putting on their channel you ask? Not sure, but could they add in something about keeping your room cleaned and your toys picked up?!?!??!
My Katie-boog is a FIRST GRADER!

75 I smell like a BABOON!

But then I guess that is what I get for walking around the Memphis Zoo for 5 hours in 100 degree weather. Okay, so that was just the heat index (probably more like 108)!
Katie, Connor and I decided on one last zoo trip before the school year starts tomorrow. Daddy was told to stay home because Katie wanted him to finally finish setting up her pool. We were supposed to go on Tuesday morning, but that fell through when we slept too late - plus we had a meeting with her school to set up that good ol' 504 plan to manage her diabetes. I wish I could have had another adult along for the ride, but Katie vetoed her own Daddy and her friends with their parents. She wanted some old fashioned Mommy time! Of course she had to share me with our giant hip baby (he did stay in the stroller most of the time). Poor Connor is the most laid back of babies. He has to be! Getting hauled around a zoo when he should be at home with his Mommy buffet. I did crack open that whole nursing in public fear. I found a secluded bench and had to feed him, he was inconsolable. I did not see any cameras, but that does not mean that they do not have a footage of our impromptu lunch. Katie also had a severe sugar dip while we were there. Luckily we were in the gift shop when she decided to tell me she felt low. SHE WAS 38!! Most people would have fallen to the ground, not Katie - she was still dancing around. I let her have one of those huge swirly lollipops that I usually refuse to get her.
Then Connor got it for a minute when she was done.
I am pretty sure he did not want to ever let go of it, but it is a good thing I don't mind him crying about not getting his way in all things (wish I could say the same about when Katie cries). We eventually saw just about everything, though in the most roundabout manner possible.
Katie also added to her collection of smushed pennies by 6. Hey, she brought her own change! She wants to spend "her" money on that then who am I to stop her. It just means she won't try to buy more make-up or Polly Pockets. And as usual, Katie made fast friends with all the kids she came in contact with. She played chase with some of the camp kids, then she met another little girl in the "Once Upon A Farm" area. You know she must have liked her, she shared her Funyuns with her!

I apologize for this horrid "arms length" photo. One day I will learn to at least take pictures at the beginning of the day. I did good though, I did apply sunscreen this time.

Yes, Katie did hurt her chin. She burnt it on the rice cooker. She tried to peek in at the rice's progress. The rice cooker did not appreciate the intrusion.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

74 - 2 Weekends with Mimi and PopPop

This was Chip's last real weekend off. His days off have changed to mid-week, but he will hopefully be bringing in more money which translates to me being home with the kiddos. Anyways, we decided to spend those days off with his parents. Let Katie and Connor revel in some grandparent time. Plus, we did get to meet our great-niece Presley the first weekend.
The first trip was just one day, but we did get to see pretty much the whole family. We all converged on our nephew's house, so we could try to wake up the baby. She was haing none of it and she slept 95% of the time we were there. I did not manage to get any good pics, and I was hoping to get some this past weekend but the decided to go out of town at the last minute. Katie had fun chasing her cousins and hanging out with the family. Connor was just happy to get out of the car and into someone's arms.

Chiefer looks funny in this shot, but he is a BEAUTIFUL boxer! He is huge! He plays fetch with a small log. Sweet as can be though. Too bad he is fixed ...

This past weekend it was just time spent with Mimi and PopPop. We just relaxed and spent time at the house. Although Katie did discover a Croquet Set in the hallway that had never been open. So, of course we had to play! Chip won, but in my defense I did play most of the game with Connor on one hip. Katie was just getting the hang of it at the end of the game. Chip and I were going to try to employ the grandparent babysitting method, but Connor is teething so bad that we did not want to leave them with a fretting baby. (and I was not too excited about going to a movie in Greenwood)