Thursday, August 7, 2008

75 I smell like a BABOON!

But then I guess that is what I get for walking around the Memphis Zoo for 5 hours in 100 degree weather. Okay, so that was just the heat index (probably more like 108)!
Katie, Connor and I decided on one last zoo trip before the school year starts tomorrow. Daddy was told to stay home because Katie wanted him to finally finish setting up her pool. We were supposed to go on Tuesday morning, but that fell through when we slept too late - plus we had a meeting with her school to set up that good ol' 504 plan to manage her diabetes. I wish I could have had another adult along for the ride, but Katie vetoed her own Daddy and her friends with their parents. She wanted some old fashioned Mommy time! Of course she had to share me with our giant hip baby (he did stay in the stroller most of the time). Poor Connor is the most laid back of babies. He has to be! Getting hauled around a zoo when he should be at home with his Mommy buffet. I did crack open that whole nursing in public fear. I found a secluded bench and had to feed him, he was inconsolable. I did not see any cameras, but that does not mean that they do not have a footage of our impromptu lunch. Katie also had a severe sugar dip while we were there. Luckily we were in the gift shop when she decided to tell me she felt low. SHE WAS 38!! Most people would have fallen to the ground, not Katie - she was still dancing around. I let her have one of those huge swirly lollipops that I usually refuse to get her.
Then Connor got it for a minute when she was done.
I am pretty sure he did not want to ever let go of it, but it is a good thing I don't mind him crying about not getting his way in all things (wish I could say the same about when Katie cries). We eventually saw just about everything, though in the most roundabout manner possible.
Katie also added to her collection of smushed pennies by 6. Hey, she brought her own change! She wants to spend "her" money on that then who am I to stop her. It just means she won't try to buy more make-up or Polly Pockets. And as usual, Katie made fast friends with all the kids she came in contact with. She played chase with some of the camp kids, then she met another little girl in the "Once Upon A Farm" area. You know she must have liked her, she shared her Funyuns with her!

I apologize for this horrid "arms length" photo. One day I will learn to at least take pictures at the beginning of the day. I did good though, I did apply sunscreen this time.

Yes, Katie did hurt her chin. She burnt it on the rice cooker. She tried to peek in at the rice's progress. The rice cooker did not appreciate the intrusion.