Wednesday, August 13, 2008

78 - 10 months

Hard to believe that Connor has been part of our lives for 10 months. Even harder to think that there was a time when we did not know his sweet smile. However did we make it through a day without seeing his little cheeky grin?!?! He has developed into such a sweet and easy going child. Sure, he still prefers to be on my hip, but he will consent to letting me put him down for a few minutes (which is more than Katie ever allowed). He will eat ANYTHING, as you can tell from his pictures. He really does not eat too much more than Katie did so we are hoping he will slim down a bit when he learns to chase Katie around, if not - we love his chub! He wants so badly to run after his sister. He is standing for longer periods of time, trying to gain his balance, but he has not gotten it quite yet. Several times he has pulled up on furniture and then let go by himself. He balances in the sweetest way! He holds his arms over his head like he is saying "VICTORY!" He did finally say Mama (about a month ago) but he actually says "Mumma" which I think is even cuter! He is into everything, and wants to destroy it all. Chip put this safety edging around the hearth and Connor immediately thought it was his duty to pull it off. He loves ripping paper, and mostly he LOVES harrassing Katie. Oh, that boy is a perfect little brother! He pulls her hair, eats her toys, follows her around, and gives her big snuggles. Love that boy so much!!