Thursday, August 7, 2008

76 I have a FIRST GRADER!

Katie's first day of school was today. I still cannot believe how quickly the summer flew by! It seems strange to not have her and Mia running back and forth from house to house. I won't lie though ... the promise of a few hours of relative peace is wonderful! If I could get Connor to nap longer than an hour it would be even better.
As usual we were running behind. It just sneaks up on us. I was making breakfast, packing a snack and lunch, all the sudden it was 5 minutes until we needed to leave and she was not even dressed. Those first day of school pictures sure get rushed when you are sprinting out the door. Smile and turn ... we're good, let's go!

And what would the first day of school be without the frantic run to the door.
This also involved a tiny tumble. Katie said "Mom you made me fall!" but I am pretty sure it had more to do with the fact that she refuses to pick up her feet when she runs. She was fine though, no scrapes or boo-boos thank goodness. We made it to her room on time, not that they were paying too much attention on the first day. I was there for the Pledge of Allegiance, a quick kiss on the top of the head, and out the door. The rain at least held off until she was inside. I, however, had a wet walk back to the car.
Katie picked out her "special first day outfit". This is her, right now. The Camp Rock t-shirt had to have Nick Jonas on it (she will point him out to you and tell you "he has diabetes"). The pants she loved because they 1. had a belt and 2. the rolled up cuffs had leopard spots on them. THE SHOES, they speak for themselves! Aren't they adorable! These are not the Converse of my generation. The Hannah backpack because hey, she loves Hannah. You cannot see the High School Musical lunchbox in her bag. So, what kind of subliminal messaging is Disney putting on their channel you ask? Not sure, but could they add in something about keeping your room cleaned and your toys picked up?!?!??!
My Katie-boog is a FIRST GRADER!