Saturday, August 23, 2008

81 Now the computer died

Okay, so we think it is just my video card, but it does mean that my computer is out of commission. So, no pictures and no yahoo messenger and no random surfing for me.
Katie and Mia did go Friday night to try out a cheerleading gym here. THEY LOVED IT!!! I am not sure how much Katie is going to be able to do, especially until we find out about her nerve conduction test, but I wanted her to get involved in something. This is a beginners class, 6-10 year olds, and the teacher seemed really sweet. Katie and Mia had a blast rolling and jumping with the other kids. They started to learn a little routine, but it was their first time so it was FAR from perfect. Katie by no means was the worst there, and considering we are for all intents and purposes one handed that is pretty good. She was adorable. And she was excited. She came home wanting to work on her rolls (and considering that she has been jumping off couches into a roll for years I am sure she will be just fine). She is looking forward to next week, but they will miss Wednesday's practice for Mia's party.
I still am a little iffy on the cheerleading thing. I just was never the cheerleader type so it is hard for me to understand why she wants to be one. I was the girl running up and down the court, so I never cared much about it. I have always agreed that cheerleading is as much a sport as basketball or soccer or such, but I just was wired for the running and scoring. What can I say, I grew up with two brothers! I am trying to make myself step back and let her be herself, but it is so hard when I think of how much I enjoyed things when I was a kid. She is definitely not me, and as hard as it is, she will do what she wants when she wants to. In fact, those are her very words from when she was about 4 .... smart-mouthed little thing isn't she :) I will pick my battles, and this is just not one of them!!