Friday, August 8, 2008

77 - that was a GREAT year!

1977 that is, not that it really has anything to do with this post. I don't know what I plan on blogging about anyway, so it might. Of course I was born in 1977, so it was a great year for me. But I just did a quick search and it looks like it was not a very good year at all!
Anyways ... Katie had her first day of school yesterday. We got a call at snack time because when they tested her blood sugar she was 322! Of course when they washed her hands and retested she was 132. It will all take some getting used to, but it freaks me out to have someone new in charge of her. I just wish her Kindergarten teacher could have gone up to First Grade with her. Is that so much to ask? Other than that Katie had a great first day. She does not have many of her old friends in her class, but I am sure she will have a bunch of new ones in no time at all. She might not have looked so excited coming out of class, but when she saw all of her other friends she brightened up. She got to hug everyone and chase Jacob (her favorite thing to do).

And, it being the first day of school, we finally got the pool put up and filled. It leaned so much last year that we wanted to try to even things up with a load of dirt ... it worked, kinda :) It is definitelt better, but it is not exactly even. Katie does not care at all! She is just happy to have a place to splash and swim. Connor loves the water, too!! We will certainly enjoy it for the next two months!