Wednesday, January 20, 2010

334 CMOM

I will come back and add the words later, but Grammy needs her grandkid fix :) And yes, these are in order (except for the last three which were off my phone) we went around and around, visiting a few places multiple times.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

333 The Mad Hatter Was Here

Sunday found us breaking out the teapot and setting out a small spread for our own little tea party after we got Connor off to bed. Earlier in the day, Katie and I hit the grocery store where she was allowed to pick out her tea party goodies. We ended up with a small cake, two kinds of cheetos (Jalapeno & Puffs), a mango and black olives. And of course you have to have sugar and cream!

Monday, January 11, 2010

332 Scene of the Crime

Saturday, approximately 2:30 in the afternoon, I stumbled across this horrifying discovery. Poor Rebecca, laying lifeless on the floor. Her neck, apparently broken...
Her legs, at unnatural angles....

I called the cops, but the first guy to arrive on the scene totally compromised the evidence. At one point he dropped his donut on the victim, picked it up and continued to eat.

Later, the police searched the victim's former lodgings. It is clear that this was no accident. Obviously a struggle took place here!
While searching the vic's former residence we came across another find! OH NO!! Its a COPYCAT Killer!
Yes Mom, I am trying to clean Katie's room .... then she is in charge!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

331 Our Foster Child

Do you know this face?
Are you missing this face?
Do you live in the Horn Lake Intermediate area
(if you do, you get that description, if not it probably isn't your dog)
Temperatures are record low for this area. This poor pooch has been wandering our street for at least two weeks, and I could NOT leave him outside in 14 degree weather. He is sweet and so gentle with kids, which leads me to believe he has a home somewhere. However he is failing in the house-trained area, which makes me think he has been wandering for a while.
The kids would be perfectly happy to adopt him, but I would prefer to find his real home. As cute and sweet as he is I would rather not have an extra animal right now. Our cat is FREAKING OUT!
If you know where he belongs PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Posters will be going up soon. And I will be calling the vet first thing on Monday.
Until then, we are trying out a few names. Katie keeps calling him Winn-Dixie. I wanted to call him Dirty Panda, or DP for short. My friend Linda suggested Dip, so we would have Chip and Dip. My friend Candy said he looks like an Oreo. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the comments!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

330 Snow Day? SERIOUSLY!!??

This is the view I woke up to outside our backdoor. Katie was behind me, asking if she had to go to school. "Honey, there isn't that much snow. You probably have to go, but let me check." And I pulled up the county school webpage and there it was at the top ... SCHOOL CLOSED.

Wait ... WHAT?!!? So I looked out the door again ... and I still saw this same dusting of snow. But of course to Katie it might as well have been a blizzard! She was so excited!! She wanted to get suited up and go out right away. Of course, as always happens, we couldn't find her weatherproof mittens. Well, I found one .... but since Katie thinks they are toys when she isn't using them for their intended purpose we can't find the other. It will show up in a few days when it isn't needed. I finally convinced Katie that her velour pants would not fit under her skinny jeans ... and she was OFF! Yes, she did smack me with this snowball right after I snapped the picture. She even attempted a snow angel ... in the hammock. AND THEN ... Connor woke up! And of course he wanted to go outside as well. So, I got him suited up and away we went!... you knew I would take pics of something not involving the kids ... Daddy even bundled up and took Connor out for some play time!

And ... at the end of the day, as I checked my email... I noticed one from the School .... CANCELING SCHOOL FOR TOMORROW!

...and this is what the yard looked like right then!! I have heard it is because of our extremem cold temperatures. But I think of the fact there might be kids with no heat, who will be home. And not to mention that if the kids were in school they would be inside. When the kids are at home they will be playing outside ... IN THE COLD! And I worry that there are kids who might only get a well rounded meal when they are at school. I do live in Mississippi, so that is all entirely possible. And what about those kids left at home because there is no childcare?!

The school has heat ... CRANK IT UP! I don't know how much more togetherness this family can stand!!

.... OH! And next time, don't make me struggle through the screaming and the tears to get homework done!