Saturday, January 9, 2010

331 Our Foster Child

Do you know this face?
Are you missing this face?
Do you live in the Horn Lake Intermediate area
(if you do, you get that description, if not it probably isn't your dog)
Temperatures are record low for this area. This poor pooch has been wandering our street for at least two weeks, and I could NOT leave him outside in 14 degree weather. He is sweet and so gentle with kids, which leads me to believe he has a home somewhere. However he is failing in the house-trained area, which makes me think he has been wandering for a while.
The kids would be perfectly happy to adopt him, but I would prefer to find his real home. As cute and sweet as he is I would rather not have an extra animal right now. Our cat is FREAKING OUT!
If you know where he belongs PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Posters will be going up soon. And I will be calling the vet first thing on Monday.
Until then, we are trying out a few names. Katie keeps calling him Winn-Dixie. I wanted to call him Dirty Panda, or DP for short. My friend Linda suggested Dip, so we would have Chip and Dip. My friend Candy said he looks like an Oreo. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the comments!


avionicsman said...

You could call him D.O.G pronounced De O Gee