Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grunter McKickles

We had to add to Connor's nickname. Poor thing grunts and strains so much. His little face gets so red. Still adorable though.
Connor has decided he wants to be a little piggy man. He finally started nursing on the 17th!!! I was about to give up, but decided to try one last time ... and he latched right on. He is doing great!! His little neck is getting stronger, and soon he will be up to having some tummy time. Now if he would just learn to sleep longer at night!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Halloween 2007

So, like everything I am writing this way too late. Too bad, this is when I have the time :)

We actually decorated the house this year. We always mean to , but never get around to it. This year we did. Sadly we decorated it on Halloween and took it down the next day, but better than nothing. The "scarecrow" was a big hit, and we had the "SCARIEST" house in the neighborhood. Mainly because the kids thought the scarecrow was a real person that was going to jump out at them. I was a good girl and did not scream through the open window to freak out the kids as they walked up. Lucky kids that Chip was not in charge of candy distribution!!

This Halloween I got to stay home with Connor and hand out candy. We had a TON of kids. Well, most of them were kids ... and most were in costumes. When did it become acceptable to show up at someone's house in regular clothes, with a walmart bag and Trick or Treat??? That is nuts!! But most of the kids were dressed up, and very cute. I was impressed that almost every single kid said thank you, even the ones with no costumes. Connor and I had fun though. I got to snuggle and take a few pics of him.

Katie and Chip went out with one of her little friends and her family. They were adorable! Katie was dressed as a Bratz Batgirl. She insisted we buy black lipstick, and then ran out of the house without putting it on, even though she had been putting it on almost every night before Halloween ... Shelby was dressed as Dorothy, and her whole family dressed up too! Endira was the Wicked Witch, Ryan was the Tin Man, and her grandfather was the Cowardly Lion. They came to our house, and Katie tried to act like she did not know it was her house. Very cute. Katie apparently was a little jealous of all the attention that Shelby got as Dorothy. They cleaned up on the candy front. Good news for the diabetic kid, huh?

All in all, Halloween was a success. What could be bad about free candy??