Tuesday, January 5, 2010

328 Meeting in The Ladies Room

I have been waiting for this book for what seems like forever!! And it finally arrived today!!
Around March of last year, Linda Woods contacted me and asked if I would be interested in submitting a picture and some words for a book that she and her sister, Karen Dinino, were trying to put together. No way would I have even considered saying no ... and then she explained the concept to me.
Women in the Bathroom
At first I was a little confused ... women in a bathroom. What does this have to do with the other two books that the Seesters have put out? Visual Chronicles and Journal Revolution. Both about art journaling ...
Want to know the unifying characteristic?
All three books are about learning to express YOURSELF!
Not pretending to be someone you are not. In the bathroom we can be ourselves. We are alone (hopefully) and there is no reason to wear the masks we use in public. Just like in art journaling. Art journaling is meant as only an expression of YOU, it doesn't have to speak to anyone but you. If you think a purple slinky is representative of your college career (just came up with that one, don't psycho analyze me) then journal that. You don't have to have words, just the image, the feel ... even just a color. Whatever it takes to express yourself at that particular moment is what you should do.
Linda and Karen (joined by Pamela Detlor) ended up truly pouring their heart and souls into this project. In the face of publisher issues, they chose to self publish through Blurb (you can buy your copy HERE) And they created their own company I AM ART BOOKS!
Quoted from the book description: What do you see when you look in the mirror?What do you think about when you are alone?What's the best ladies room you've ever been in?Whether you are an idolized celebrity or a struggling single mother, the ladies room is where you create your make believe, and where you face your reality.

I knew right away that my entry for the book would have to include my children in some way. I very rarely am allowed out of their sight anyway. I thought I would take the pictures in our bathroom at home, but I wanted to paint the walls ... or at least clear off the counter. And it just never made it that far. The deadline was drawing closer and closer ... and the kids and I had gone for one of our many trips to the Memphis Zoo. And OF COURSE, that involves at least one, if not multiple, trips to the bathroom.
AH-HA! Hello!!
I am in the bathroom ...
with my kids ...
and a camera!

The book is even more amazing in person!! It reminds me that I am not alone as a woman. That there are women out there who think about their lives, their bodies, and their families the way I do ... or even that they think differently. And it is all alright that we are different because the similarities are so overwhelming. We all long to be complete. Life, love, accomplishments, creativity. We all long for the coccoon our bathrooms provide. They are our sanctuary from the noise and the world around us. In ouor bathrooms, everything slows down. We can let go. We don't have to suck in our tummies. We don't have to be perfect. In the bathroom, we are ourselves. No one else to impress, so you might as well be exactly who you are meant to be.
And because I am sure to leave out something important if I just tell you about it by myself, here is the description from the Blurb site:
What do you see when you look in the mirror?
What do you think about when you are alone?
What's the best ladies room you've ever been in?
Whether you are an idolized celebrity or a struggling single mother, the ladies room is where you create your make believe, and where you face your reality. Join 68 brave women from around the world for an empowering look in the mirror and a meeting in the ladies room.
Featuring Jann Arden, Amanda Palmer, Rosie O'Donnell, Jen Foster, Sarah Bettens, and SHeDAISY
Visit http://www.ladiesroombook.com for more information.
Reviews: "Meeting in the Ladies Room is one of the most thought-provoking books I've read all year. Throughout its pages, authors Linda Woods and Karen Dinino and dozens of other women embrace and confront the vast array of ideas, hopes and dreams that catch one's inner voice unaware in this private space. The photos and short essays are fascinating." ~Shannon Okey, Author/Editor, knitgrrl.com
"A book that is bold and brave and reminds us just how complex, challenged, strong and amazing we are as women. " ~Alisa Burke, Artist and Author of Canvas Remix
"It's filled with luscious photographs with yummy colors and textures and visuals...It makes you think. It makes you laugh. It makes you cry." ~Kelly Kilmer, Mixed-Media Artist
I can't recommend this book enough ... and not only because I am in it. The stories and pictures of the other women will inspire you. They will make you laugh and think and appreciate.
I am so thankful to Linda Woods, Karen Dinino and Pamela Detlor for allowing me to be part of this wonderful book.


Kathleen said...

Glad you finally got your book!!! So fun!!

Linda Woods said...

YAY! So glad you like it! Thanks for participating :)