Thursday, August 21, 2008

80 Nerves

We had another follow up with the orthopedic doctor today and he is suggesting that we run a nerve test on Katie to make sure that the nerve is firing properly. It is rare, but the nerve has been known to get caught in the bone when it is reset, and with the problems Katie is having with her index finger and thumb it is a possibility. As if my poor baby has not hit the lottery of bad medical luck. She already has what is probably the rarest form of diabetes, monogenic. She was 12th in the country to be diagnosed. So, can we not just get through this broken arm ordeal without hitting another improbability on the nose. The doctor would not even tell us what will happen if the nerve is caught in the bone, other than to say we will have to get it out. He said he will tell us if he needs to, so I am guessing that it will not be at all pleasant. I am just hoping and praying that it will not involve re-breaking the bone, but that hope seems slim. Best to not have to freak her out if its not needed.

And, we added to our Build A Bear family. Yeah, we are suckers ... This is the High School Musical bear. And we got the great news that there will be a Hannah Montana bear coming out next month. GRRRRRRRRR!! Those people are starting to rival the Ice Cream Man on my list of annoying money grubbers. At least the Build A Bear people do not drive up to your house. Anyways, Katie wanted this bear and she named her Ashley Tisdale, so imaginative (insert sarcasm here). We tried to talk her into at least changing it to Ashley Bearsdale, but she was having none of that.

Got home and grabbed the mail, which included the Olive Branch newspaper, and there on the front page was a story about two girls in OB with Type 1 Diabetes that have gotten service dogs that can SMELL their blood sugar. How amazing would that be??!?!!! All those times that we have been terrified of Katie going to sleep and having her sugar go wonky, the dog would be able to wake her and us. It would go to school with her and we would not have to trust that someone else is really taking care of her sugar. For her to be able to be more active. Her diabetes is more under control than it used to be, but her type of diabetes is a new discovery. Who knows if her treatment will ever change, or her body decide it is not going to respond to her medication. She still has highs and lows, though not on the daily basis she did before. It would truly be a wonderful thing to be able to place a little trust in a four-legged friend.


Siri Greeley said...

I am curious what form of monogenic diabetes you are referring to in regards to your daughter. We at the University of Chicago are in the process of establishing a national Monogenic Diabetes Consortium, starting with a Neonatal Diabetes Registry ( Please check out the website and contact us if you'd like to know more!

Siri Greeley, MD, PhD

Celeste Lindell said...

Hi Carrie! I'm part of Build-A-Bear Workshop's social media team. I'm glad Katie likes her High School Musical bear. I'd like to send you a free Hannah Montana bear for her. Please contact me at socialmedia (at) barkleyus (dot) com and I'll send you the details.

Tracy said...

Poor Katie! I hope all goes well with her arm. Are you guys coming down for the Vandy game September 20th?