Tuesday, December 15, 2009

321 Santa Wears a Bulletproof Vest

I know I took a shot at him, but the Big Guy is very forgiving. He didn't bat an eyelash when he saw me walking towards him. He smiled and waved. In truth, I felt kind of bad. Just a few days ago I was railing against him, and here I was bringing my kids to talk his ear off and snap a picture. Its not like I expected to be on the Nice List anyway. I think of it as doing Santa a favor, lightening his load. If I was a good girl all year then he would have to come up with something to bring me. I am too old for Cabbage Patch Kids and My Little Pony. Maybe if Santa worked at Best Buy we could work something out. A Flip Video camera would be superb.

But this visit was about the kids ... (and to assuage my guilt). Katie had written up her list, and we told her over and over that she should pick out the top three things she wanted to tell Santa about. Instead she whipped out the whole list. Santa was a little confused about what "AG" stood for, but Katie was quick to inform him that it stood for American Girl. Connor did pretty good, too. He was distracted by people walking around on the second floor. All the pretty lights helped also. Not that it helped him smile at the camera.
He did try to tell Santa what he wanted, but I hope Santa is fluent in baby talk!And here is the bought picture ... meh ....Afterwords we ran into Sears, and the kids geeked out looking at video games after we checked out the refrigerator selection. And the highlight of all mall trips... the smoothie. Katie had her fingers crossed that her blood sugar would be low enough for a treat. She wasn't "low" but she popped her nighttime pill and we let her get one anyway.

Now we just have to wait and see if Santa decides to bring anything off her list. Guess it will all depend on where she ended up, Naughty or Nice.

.... but seriously Santa, I have been AWFUL good this year!


Kathleen said...

So cute!!!

avionicsman said...

Awesome Blog and pics Mrs. Jackson!! I take my kids to the company kids party and Santa shows up there!! Beats the malls or other big box stores!!

Linda Woods said...

It looks like santa might be wearing diapers.

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