Wednesday, December 23, 2009

324 Escape to NOLA

If you want to get technical, we were on our way to New Orleans, LA for the wedding of one of Chip's fraternity brothers, but you can't blame us for parlaying that into a weekend getaway. Seriously, it was out first kid free night in seven and a half years. It was also the first time that Katie and Connor were allowed to spend the night at Mimi and PopPop's.

I give up ... been trying to find time to write this post for over a week, but I can't find it. Here are some pics, there are more in my Flickr ...
Suffice to say, we ate lots of beignets and other delicious food. We walked around the French Quarter A LOT. I drank lots of coffee and margaritas. When I get a chance I will revisit this and be more eloquent.


DesertNana said...

EEEE!!! what fun!! and such wonderful photos!!
What are those amazing things you are eating?
I want to visit New Orleans!!!
what was the weather like?

Jeff Barras said...

No wedding pics?