Friday, March 28, 2008

38 Easter Merriment

Katie had quite an extensive Easter this year.
She had an egg hunt at school. They were adorable. Her group only was supposed to get 12 eggs each, but you had to keep an eye on them. Heck, what Kindergartener wants to count their eggs? Katie also was able to show off her little brother, which was the highlight of the day for her.

She visited the Easter Bunny at the Mall. I forgot to send money in for her to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny at school so I promised I would take her, plus it was Connor's first Easter. This was the first year that Katie voluntarily sat on his lap - or really the first year she did at all. Last year she wanted to look at the Easter Bunny from the second level of the mall but she would not go any closer than that!

We went to the Easter Egg Hunt at Snowden Grove - well, we got there late, but Katie was able to get a few eggs and play. Really she got the best part. All the eggs had the same candy (at least hers did). Sure, they are putting out about a thousand egss but you would expect at least some variety. But the big attraction of the day was the petting zoo and the PONY RIDE! In fact, on the way there Katie was talking about her schools trip to the petting zoo (mainly milking a cow) and riding the horse at the MidSouth Fair. So it was awesome to find out that they had animals out. Katie loved ripping out hunks of grass and feeding the goats. There was also an incredible playground (that scared me to death!).

And of course you can't forget the actual Easter Bunny coming to the house. Easter baskets are the best part! Katie even got a Polly Pocket cellphone, so she can now talk to Polly! Luckily the Easter Bunny brought new sidewalk chalk for us to play with. And too much candy! Connor got a couple little toys, but he will have to wait until next year for candy. And that sweet Easter Bunny even left a basket of Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs for Mom and Dad (though mostly MOM). Oh, and notice our little man is "sitting up"!! He starte doing it the day before Easter ... but he may just be propped up by his chub rolls!