Saturday, February 14, 2009

164 Daddy-Daughter Dance

Around Valentine's Day each year, Katie's school holds a Daddy-Daughter Dance, and luckily Chip has been able to take Katie each year. Katie gets to have more dates with her Daddy than I do!! Friday was a full day all around. Katie had her class Valentine's Day party and from there we went dress shopping for the dance.

Once again, I was the only parent at the class party. Lucky for me, Katie still thinks that her Mommy being at school is the coolest thing ever. Believe me, I am going to take advantage of that for as long as possible!! I helped hand around the cupcakes and cookies, and they played JINGO, a version of BINGO. Really uneventful, but I wouldn't miss it. Katie just lights up when I come through the door! Of course, she also tends to get overexcited and flit around the room and chatter a mile a minute until I make her calm down, but she is happy and isn't that all that matters! I did not bust out the "big" camera, just the little 2mp I got when Katie was born. That little camera got its biggest workout yesterday!After the party we headed out to do a little dress shopping.

Well, we had a few pit stops on the way.

We had to stop and get gas since I was on empty again, and while I was pumping my gas the lady on the pump next to me came around the corner asking if I had "a few dollars so she could get some gas." I am such a cynic, and even if I had cash on me I wouldn't have given it to her. Is it terrible that I don't believe people enough to help them out? It just makes me nervous, and I want to run away as quickly as possible. Probably just my Atlanta breeding :) Plus, I would rather walk than beg a stranger for money. It might bite me on the rear one day, karma and all that crap, but I just can't make myself do it. And maybe if she had not waited until I was done pumping I would have just stuck my nozzle in her tank for a few bucks. I just don't trust anyone asking for cash. So, there is my "I am a horrible person" confession for the month :)

Then, Chip told me that Connor was waking up, so we doubled back to pick up the little man. I wasn't terribly excited about bringing him on our shoppinf expedition, but he was amazingly good. He laughed and laughed at Katie as she tried on each dress and tested their twirlability. Katie tried on seven different dresses, and then decided on the very first one. We went to JC Penney, which is where we got her dress the year before. This year we had to narrow down our choices to those that could be worn with the white "clip clops" that she had picked out in Payless. She did say before we even started shopping that she wanted white shoes and a white dress. Although she did specify "skinny" straps, and her dress fell a little short. I think it was the big jeweled brooch thing that was the true winner. Katie looked adorable in each dress, but there were two that were our clear favorites. The pink...

And the white, that ended up being the winner!We were not the only ones that loved this dress. Katie's best friend Mia ran home and told her Mom that she wanted one, so they called to see where she got it from. They even went looking for it today, but there were no more in their size. Kaitlyn also went home raving about Katie's dress. Katie definitely got the reaction she was hoping for, Jaw Dropping Jealousy!!

I managed to stop them for long enough to take a few pictures before they headed off to the dance. Chip had to wear the tie that Katie bought him from the Sweetheart Shoppe at school. It was the best $2 tie I have ever seen! They looked so sweet together. Katie loves her Daddy to bits!

And then we sent them off to the dance. Connor and I took advantage of having the camera on a tripod, and took a Mommy-Son pic!
Chip took the little camera to the dance with them, and he managed to get a few pictures. Apparently Katie would run and hide everytime she saw the camera come out. That girl has serious paparazzi issues!!
They had a great time!!

Today I was looking at the pictures from last year, and I can't believe how she has grown! So, just because I know you are just dying to see the pics ...