Monday, February 2, 2009

160 Visiting the In-Laws

My husband is terrible at passing on information, no matter how important it may be. It is only fitting since his family is even worse. We find out information through slips of the tongue. We found out that our oldest nephew had gotten married purely by accident. The information, not the marriage. They totally planned the wedding, on a slope in Colorado in the snow, and it was gorgeous. We found out they were pregnant by accident. I am surprised we were told when Presley was born. I fully expected to go down for a visit and find a baby without prior warning.

Well, the information bandit struck again. I answered Chip's phone about a week ago, and it was his Dad. And we are sitting there chatting and he starts talking about helping with the yard sale and how much work it was, and that they were moving furniture around to make room for some of Michael's furniture they had bought ... SINCE THEY ARE MOVING TO COLORADO!! When you ask ... oh, in about a week. In their defense, they told Chip and he never passed the information on. So, we made impromptu plans to go down and see them before they left. Then it snowed, but you have probably heard enough of that. Luckily it did not snow enough to keep us stuck, and we were still able to travel down to Cleveland to see everyone - almost everyone. Katie LOVES her cousins! She thinks they are the coolest people ever! And they are gorgeous and sweet and fun. They are everything a little girl could want in her "big cousins." She harrassed Scott, and climbed on his back for piggy back rides. She soaked up all the attention from Tori and Tara. And she made the most of her time with Michael. But, the main attraction was Presley. Connor even had to toddle over and give her a kiss.

We spent the night sitting around, laughing and talking. Even when politics came up it wasn't too bad. I know how quickly it can turn into a yelling match, so I stayed out of the room as much as possible. But everyone behaved themselves ... pretty much. There was an impromptu singing performance that should have been caught on video, but other than that it was good natured arguing.

And the most important part of the night ... Mimi made PECAN PIE!!

Once again, I am going to have to blame the sad pictures on lighting. Maybe when the tax return comes in I can buy a bounce flash ... which would be done, but Chip forgot to tell me he lost the tag receipts ... But that is another story. Well, not really, that is pretty much the WHOLE story. So, without further ado, PICTURES!!

Tori is going to miss Presley so much. She barely let her out of her sight while we were there.
I think Mimi is the one talking here. I just LOVE the look of attentiveness on Tori's face. Now if she could just teach Katie to listen that well. Grandma Lauren and baby Presley
Katie does love babies!!

Presley REALLY wanted Tori's drink. She wanted it so bad that she learned to drink from a straw!! 7 month old Straw Prodigy! LOL
talking politics, I don't think the babies were impressed.

it is a plastic jar, don't worry. Connor looks like he is trying to figure out what Presley is. She is not much smaller than him, so I think he expected her to be more mobile. Awww, Connor is patting Presley on the head. Right before this, Connor was giving Presley her pacifier ... then taking it away ... and giving it back. I wonder if he remembers playing that with us :)

Good Luck in Colorado Tanya, Michael, and Presley. Save us a room, so we can come out for a visit! Maybe then Katie will see some REAL snow! What am I saying, maybe I can see some real snow!!!??? And break that "never been out of the South" streak!


Tracy said...

Connor and Presley look so much alike in the picture of Chip holding them both. So cute!!