Saturday, January 31, 2009

159 - 25 Random Things

Okay, this is going around on Facebook and everywhere else, so I might as well do it, too. I have read everyone elses so it is only fair. If you can't figure it out ... you are supposed to "tag" people and then they are supposed to write 25 random things about themselves. Well, pretty much everyone I know has already done it, and if they have not already done it then they are not going to just because I tell them.

1. The person that everyone thought I was in high school, I was completely not.
2. I LOVE to read. I used to devour books constantly. I would walk home from elementary school with my head buried in a book, much to the horror of Mrs. Pinson who always thought I would fall or get hit by a car. (and considering that her street was at a 45 degree angle, falling was a distinct possibility)
3. I have never been out of the South. The farthest north I have been is Saint Louis, MO and the farthest west is Baton Rouge, LA (actually Baker, LA if you want to be technical)
4. I talk and laugh in my sleep, or so I have been told.
5. I do not make friends easily. I am very shy, though no one ever believes me when I say that.
6. I went off to college without a thought of homesickness, and now I miss being "home". I don't want to live in Atlanta, but I do want to be near my family.
7. I am a third child, and I have always wanted three children.
8. I am an artist. I never use that word because I don't take myself seriously, but yes, I am an artist. Mainly photography, but I also love to paint and work with fabric and yarn.
9. When I go "home" for a visit I spend a lot of time with my exes and/or their families.
10. My mind is usually in the gutter. I can't help it.
11. My freshman year of college we were all sitting around discussing what we wanted to be when we "grew up" and I answered right away "A Mom" and I love my career!
12. I picked out my china pattern when I was 11. We were at an antique mall and there was an entire set for sale, but my Mom told me that I would not like it in a year so we left it there. Here I am 20 years later, and I still love Old Country Roses!
13. I have been pregnant 5 times, but I only have 2 children. They are the most gorgeous children anywhere. I want 3 kids, but I can only take one more pregnancy.
14. I want to start my own photography business, but I am scared.
15. I kept diaries from my pre-teen years until I went to college. I threw them away when I read how terribly vacuous they sounded. Now I kind of wish I still had them. They would at least be good for a laugh.
16. My daughter is a mutant. She has a super rare form of diabetes called Monogenic Diabetes, which is caused by the mutation of a single gene. She was the 12th in the United States to be diagnosed with it, and as of now there are only 17. My husband is a geek, so this was quite fitting for him (think of X-men here)
17. When I met my husband, Chip, I would sit in his frat room and watch him play computer games until the sound of the computer fan would put me to sleep. Pathetic much??!!
18. A week after my grandmother passed away I had a dream about her coming out of a church and hugging me then disappearing. Ever since then I have felt that she is my guardian angel.
19. My parents divorced when I was two and my father was never around. I am fine with it, but now my daughter has started to ask when she will meet her "other grandfather." She just does not understand that all men really are NOT created equal. Chip's Father is wonderful and she thinks that all grandfathers are automatically great. I would hate for her to meet my father and realize that is not the case.
20. I insisted that I did not want a big wedding, just a justice of the peace. Good thing since we actually overslept on our "Wedding day" and had to reschedule for 2 days later. From our car, into the courthouse, through the ceremony, and back to the car took 13 minutes.
21. I cannot stand to be away from my children for even a few hours. I have been doing better lately about going out with some friends while Chip is in charge, but I am antsy the whole time.
22. I was incredibly unattractive when I was pregnant with my daughter, but I felt adorable when I was pregnant with Connor. At least my nose did not grow to be the size of Stone Mountain!!
23. My newest addiction is Rockband. It is great! I don't even mind singing if someone else doesn't want to. However, I feel sorry for anyone watching.
24. I hate "talking things out"!! I am more of a run and hide type person. This drives my husband insane, so I am trying to fix it.
25. I am so glad I have been able to reconnect with old friends and to make new friends through Facebook! Now if I can just convince all those people still on myspace to make the switch!!

So, there you go, 25 boring things about me :) If anyone else would like to participate, then please leave a link in the comments,


Charles, Allison and Elsie Boo said...

#24-I'm the same way! And it drives my husband crazy too!

Lo said...

I did this on facebook too and I am totally with you on #25! I'll probably do it on my blog as well and I'll link you. From what I've seen of your pictures, you definitely deserve the title artist!

Linda Woods said...

I believe that you are shy. I am really shy, too!