Thursday, January 29, 2009

158 Things you find in a Mississippi Snow

Mom's with cameras! This is a major event that must receive proper documentation!Said Mom, taking macro shots of snow. To be fair, she just got her macro filter and she is trying it out. I kept meaning to go back and take this pic with the light on, so you could see the yellow snow. In Mississippi the deck lights must have Bug Bulbs!

You find, the grill bought to roast marshmallows that turned into Katie's play thing.Sunscreen waiting for its next round.
The toys you played with just a few days before, you know, when it was in the 60's!
And of course, patches of grass because our snow is SAD! You find kids eating the snow. We don't worry as much about "acid rain" as we used to, huh??!! And when they are tired of snow flavored snow, there is always the icee mix from the molten summers that we can't live without.SNOWBALL FIGHTS!! Babies finally experiencing their first snow. It snowed last year, but he was too little to enjoy it. Maybe next year he can make his first snowball.