Wednesday, January 14, 2009

148 Pride and Potty Humor

I am so proud of my little girl!! She brought home her tests from last week and she got ALL A's!!! She had 3 tests, and she aced each of them! We struggled last semester. She was bringing home some pretty deplorable grades, but we have worked at it and she is definitely improving! I still think some of her mistakes have been because of her right hand. Yes, she could write with her left hand, and it was legible, but I think her brain was still used to talking to her right hand and sometimes it got its signals crossed. And she had to really concentrate to make each letter, and I am sure by the time she convinced her hand to do what she wanted it to she was feeling a bit frustrated. I know she is smart as a whip, but her grades were just not showing it. Yeah, she has a little attention-span problem, but it is mainly when a tv is involved. And I do think she just gets flustered easily during a test. But this past week, she did so well!! And, her right hand is getting back in line, so I am hoping she will continue to improve. When I opened her folder and saw her tests I snatched her up and hugged her so tight! We did a little happy dance and I told her how proud we are. I just hope she knows that we are always proud of her, not just today.
Connor spent the day driving me batty as usual. He once again made a beeline for the bathroom anytime the door was left open. Shut the door you say?? Can't! The cat has to be able to get to his litterbox and his food, but thanks for the suggestion. I followed him in there to find that he had pulled the step stool up to the commode and was happily splashing around. Don't worry, I was more concerned with him making the toilet dirty than the toilet making him dirty! And, since I did not have to fear him falling, I went and got the camera so you can all enjoy him. His hands are back to their sweet smelling self, so don't shy away the next time you are near. The day before he had brought the trash can out of the same bathroom. Today he came walking out of the master bath with the extra-tp holder. He just loves to carry stuff around, and it is even better if it makes noise and most of the bathroom stuff is metal. And in case you were worried that we were not as proud of Connor as we are of Katie, I will set your mind at ease. Connor made us very proud this week by trying SALSA! He dipped right in, and although his facial expressions might lead you to believe otherwise, he LOVED it!!

He also waved goodbye for the first time AWAY from himself!! Katie and Mia were headed up the street and he waved goodbye to them. It was too sweet!

And tonight I received some wonderful news. I will be shooting a wedding in May with my shutterbuddy Candy!! She called me in to help out since the church is rather large and she did not want to miss anything while running around. I can't wait! In the meantime I need to start lining up some guinea pigs to play with!! So, if you are in the Desoto/Memphis area and are willing to let me shoot your family :) I am looking for some test subjects to build a portfolio. For the first 5 or so sessions I will not be charging a sitting fee. This will require you to allow me to use any photos for my portfolio. And, as you can imagine, some will make their way onto my blog. I will be setting one up for my "business" and will let you all know when it is ready. Also, I do NOT have a studio. I will gladly take pictures in parks, on the street, or most anywhere for that matter.

Until then, Candy and I are planning another photocation. Still up in the air over where we will be shooting, but I am sure it will be a blast!