Wednesday, January 28, 2009

157 Snow Day in Mississippi

I am stuck in my own little "Truman Show" apparently. We made plans to drive down to Cleveland to see the in-laws, and to say goodbye to my nephew and his family that are moving to Colorado... AND IT SNOWED!! Okay, so it did not really snow enough to keep us here, but the improbability that it would snow on the very day we decide to leave town!! The odds are enormous. Just like last year, we were going to leave for Atlanta for Katie's Spring Break and it SNOWED then, too. Her Spring Break is the earliest ever, this year March 16-20. And then, when we did make it to Atlanta there were tornadoes. So, next time I make travel plans I will be sure to send out a Significant Weather Watch. In the meantime, her are some pics of our "snow day" in Mississippi. Yes, it only snowed an inch and they cancelled school. And yes, you are allowed to laugh!

Connor toddled out the door while I was snapping pics and stuck his hand in the snow. Isn't it just the sweetest handprint EVER!Katie eating the first snowball of 2009.Jacob does not look happy about whatever he is saying to Katie!

Is it time to set the pool back up yet? No, we just never got around to putting it away ... sadPoor little man. I did bundle him up and take him outside, but he could not move, and I never set him down. He was miserable, so I took him back inside. Hopefully Candy will send me a pic of him all bundled for the snow.