Friday, January 23, 2009

155 Back to the Present

Just realized it has been a week since there was any kind of mention of present life in the Jackson household, so I thought I would give a little update and, of course, post some recent pictures.
Nothing much has been going on around here. Just same old stuff. Living, laughing, and Rockband. Connor has caught the Rockband addiction as well. If one of us is on the guitar he will either bang on the drums or blabber into the microphone. Katie and I have both bought our "mummy" clothes. I did mine in green and she did her's in pink. We are some seriously stylish mummies!! Rockin' mummies!!! I have yet to venture onto the "hard" setting, but Chip has managed to not get boo-ed out of a few songs. Our band is moving right along, ready to hit the big time any second!!

I actually got out of the house without the kiddos in tow last weekend! Charity, Toya, and I decided to roll up toward Memphis and hit The Big One! It was very sad. In my words from the day, it was not IMpressing me, it was DEpressing me! I had not been in years, and I did go when the weather was nicer, but I still expected to like more stuff. I was worried I would see something and not have the moolah to buy it, but I most certainly did not. I was amazed at the amount of drugstore items that were on sale. Who goes to a fleamarket to buy Immodium and Vagisil??? We looked at quite a few hairbows that day since Toya was searching for some for Jaclyn to wear for cheerleading. I was accosted by a lady trying to sell some kind of scrunchie with combs thing. I have a hard time saying no, so I ended up in a seat with a total stranger playing with my hair. Thankfully, Charity was there to laugh at me! There was only one booth that truly caught my eye. I could have spent hours looking at old postcards and reading the backs of them. I should have bought a stack, but we were getting tired of walking through the muck. Toya did get one of the coveted Jiffy Dogs. Footlong as you can see. We all would have gotten them, but we could not bring ourselves to pay $2.50 for a bottle of water, and if you got the Dog you need the water! Seriously, Nestle brand water ... $2.50!! Years from now, that may be the only thing I remember about this day, the grossly overpriced water! Even though the flea market was sad it was great to spend some time with the girls. See, I am branching out. Two days without kiddos in the past 3 months. It's a new record for me.

And Katie finally got her way. She was allowed to ride the bus home from school. I shouldn't say that she got her way though. She did not get to ride because she wanted to, though that did make it easier. She rode the bus because it was the simplest way to get her and the two boys across the street to my house at the same time. Two days a week their mom, my Shutter Buddy Candy, has class that runs just a little bit over time for them to get home, so Katie gets some built in playmates. Although this week Candy actually made it home in time, but Katie insisted that Travis and Jacob be allowed to come over. She had been looking forward to it, and they are sweet sweet boys, so of course they could come over!! All they did was sit on the couch and watch tv, then sit on the couch and play Nintendo DS, and then they actually got off the couch and played Wii Bowling for one game, and then it was up the stairs to play in Katie's mess ... I mean, her room. And the bus, SHE LOVES IT!! She has now ridden it 3 times, and as long as she is enjoying it she can continue to ride. Just means that I don't have to get Connor out in the cold! Although we tend to be waiting outside for her to arrive home anyway. I still have not gotten over the odd feeling of waiting on her instead of going to get her!

That is about it on the Jackson front. Nothing exciting. But we like it!