Tuesday, January 27, 2009

156 Silver Linings In La-La Land

I have been feeling a bit loopy lately. I just can't seem to think about anything important. Or, the things I am finding important just really are not important to my life at all. Try to tell my brain that. You know you have a problem when you are playing Rockband, just ripping away at those imaginary cords, your mind completely somewhere else. But the good news is that it may be time for me to try the Hard setting. Hey, silver linings people, silver linings!!

You like Silver? We also discovered that Katie CAN survive without the TV on. She was grounded from the TV on Saturday night. She was so engrossed in it that she did not even hear her Dad yelling from the kitchen, trying to stop Connor from pouring out his drink on the floor. The mess, not a big deal. Our carpet is on its way to being completely destroyed, what is one more stain?? But she did not even HEAR him. She tuned everything out to the point that his BELLOWS could not penetrate into her TV trance. She has long had an unhealthy addiction to tv. And the horrible thing is, that even if she is playing something else she acts like she needs it to be on in the background. She has thrown fits when I change the channel she is not even watching. Last year she actually made herself so upset she threw up because I turned the tv off. I did let her have her sleepover, after warning Mia that there would be no television. They had a BLAST! They colored and played school. They ran around like wild things. I was helping my shutter buddy shoot some self portraits (she was shooting film and needed someone to focus) and when she left the girls wanted to take pictures of each other. So, I set up my camera on the tripod and let them shoot away. YAY DIGITAL! There are plenty of complete misses in the series, and random pictures of stuffed dolphins, but they didn't do too bad. I am all for encouraging my daughter to take pictures! So, even though it was a punishment we did learn a valuable lesson. And hopefully we can implement the NO TV time into a more regular practice!
Here they are making "scary faces".I had to take over the camera for a split second!

Connor has started babbling more and for longer periods of time. He is trying so hard to talk. He will stand in front of the refrigerator reaching and talking. I am not exactly sure what he is asking for, but it shouldn't surprise me that he is very vocal about his food. He does get VERY excited about popsicles (just like his sister). So, I have deemed it time to wean. (if you don't wanna hear about it, skip to the next paragraph!) The first day was yesterday and we made it most of the day. I did give in and nurse him before bedtime. I was in pain!! With Katie my milk supply kind of naturally petered off, but no such luck with Connor. With Katie I was working, so it was gradual. With Connor, it is cold turkey ... well, kinda :) He is doing good today. He doesn't seem to be phased by it. He took his sippy cup with his Strawberry Milk as soon as we came downstairs. Yes, he loves flavored milk. I guess it is the transition from breastmilk to cow milk, but he needs the extra sweet. Silver lining, I will finally be able to wear a bra without drop down paneling!
Some more silver linings without all the backstory:
Katie has been super sassy lately. Silver lining, I don't feel bad about packing her off to bed at a decent hour.
Brain feeling stupid. Silver lining, at least it is not thinking about food!
Gross, yucky, cold, wet day outside. Silver lining, I gots me a snuggly baby!!!
---hey, not totally different. It does have the word silver in it!


Tracy said...

Jackson has the same problem with demanding the TV be on even if he's not watching, not in the room, whatever. Oh, the fits he can throw!! And he's quick to tell me that he doesn't like my shows when I attempt to choose a channel. Rick tells me that I let them watch way too much television but he's not here all day and there are times that I need a break. And if that's the only way I can get--well, so be it!

As for Days of Our Lives, I was reading an article online a week or two ago that about Alison Sweeney having her baby in real life. The article referred to her as host of The Biggest Loser and "formerly on Days of Our Lives". Is she being written out of the show too?