Friday, January 16, 2009

152 Randomness

Today was really cold, but its okay because ice makes weeds and dead leaves look extra cool. I totally don't mind the fact we did not get the pool put up because the decaying leaves in the puddles in the wrinkles caused the water to freeze with air bubbles.

HDTV looks really really good ... on HD channels. If you are watching a show on a "regular" channel it looks horrid. It is almost enough to make me stop watching "Days of Our Lives" from the SoapNet recording ... but not quite.

Fudge is yummy, microwave fudge is even better .... instant gratification, avaliable in personal pan size.

I tried to clean up today, but then Chip put Connor back down in the living room and the toybox immediately exploded. In fact, I am pretty sure that he even manged to summon toys from other areas of the house. Yeah, I am raising a magician. Now I just have to teach him to make crap DISappear instead.

I think I might be getting carpel tunnel from Rockband, but I think I will learn to live with the pain.

Saw a link to a cool little thing. It is called Wordle . You can link your blog to this and it will create a word collage of the most commonly used words on your blog. Not surprisingly the most used word on my blog is "pictures." Wordle: Untitled


Colleen Snell said...

Carrie - these are GORGEOUS. Do you have professional training? You sure have the eye.

Side note - thanks for the continuing support and kind words on my blog. I'm hanging in there. One day at a time.

You inspire me to break out my old SLR and get snapping!

CarrieJ said...

LOVE YOU COLLEEN! Thank YOU for the kind words. No, no professional training, but I am supposed to be starting my own photog business this year. I am just nailing down some free models. I will definitely let everyone know when there is a photog blog to look at.