Monday, January 12, 2009

147 Pieces of Crazy

I am wondering how my son can be badness personified one minute and the most adorable angel baby the next?!?! He is drawn to the bathrooms. He could spend his whole day totally amused by the bathroom. He also is absolutely fascinated by the phones and the lamps. I turned my back for 10 seconds, turned back around and he was STANDING on the endtable! No, I did not grab my camera. I calmly walked into the room and plucked him off the table. He would have managed to fall if he knew I was coming. I am still trying to figure out which ninja move he performed to be on top of the table that fast! And he is worse than Katie ever was about wanting to have all of his toys pulled out. He will sprinkle them all over the room. Or the way he will turn his sippy cup upside down and try to shake out the contents when he is done with it. And then, he will do something so sweet your heart melts. He is such a giving and sharing little boy. He will share everything with you, although he does tend to shove food into your mouth with the palm of his hand. And he will do anything to hear the words "Thank You!" And he will do it repeatedly. But mainly, he will decide to come over for a snuggle or a kiss. He will let you hold his chubby warm body and breathe in his baby goodness. Many is the time I have picked him up to remove him from badness, but I could not resist squeezing him and kissing him all over - yeah, we teach by punishment in this house!! Or he will give you one of his toothiest grins. Then it is off to splash in the toilet again. He is definitely ALL BOY! And the most adorable one in the world at that!!

Katie had her first EasyBake Oven experience yesterday at Mia's. They made brownies. Apparently they have not made any improvements to the EasyBake Oven since I was a kid because the brownies still turn out to just be warm glop. Okay, maybe not as liquidy as glop, but you still have to eat it out of the pan with your fingers. And of course, this is yet another girly toy that I have asked Katie if she would like and she has refused. Mia also got an American Girl doll for Christmas, and I was hoping that might spark Katie's interest in dolls, but nope. My poor girl should have had an older brother to be rough and tumble with. Someone to play GI Joe and Transformers with her (or whatever boys play with these days). But on the other hand that girl is obsessed with make-up. Go figure.

which brings me to my next point:
Never leave your 6 year old in charge of "powdering" after a bath. Katie received a container of Lavender Bath Powder for Christmas. She was able to put some on at Grammy's but we have not used it since. The other night she asked for it after her bath. I was trying to wrangle Connor and get him ready for bed, so when she said that she could do it I was totally willing to believe her ... then she came out of the bathroom

for a little while she walked around talking about how soft her face was, and how her cheeks were tingly ... then the powder started to get in her eyes and I washed it off. But that girl smelled GOOD! Head to Toe!

Oh, and Mom ... I finally figured out what I left at your house (because you know I am bound to forget something)! I think I left Connor's coat hanging in the armoire in my room. It always confuses me when I put something where it is supposed to go. We have not needed it yet, but it looks like winter might have actually decided to arrive. FINALLY!!