Friday, May 8, 2009

227 This Morning in the Garden

I went to check on my peony this morning and found a sad spectacle. Half of its petals were brown. It was droopy. My peony is soon to be no more ... but it still smells like heaven! I was leaning in to take a few shots of it when this rude guy got into the picture. I was just a few inches away, and I stood VERY still so he wouldn't notice me. Like he even cared. He was intent on the flower and I never registered at all. The irises are still blooming. They are so heavy that all the stalks are laying on the ground, but the flowers are growing up. But even the lilies fade daily. I might be the only one to think so, but even this has beauty!! Connor joined me outside, of course. He spent a little while with the flowers (he loves to sniff them, though it usually looks like he is trying to eat them), and then he took a ride in his little red car. At least we have a few years to teach him about keeping his head INSIDE the car at all times.

** he is actually leaning out to "pull weeds"**

We tossed the foam football around. Well, he threw it at me as hard as possible, and I rolled it back to him. He was getting tired of watching us play football with Katie anyway. She never wants to let him have the ball. Summer vacation is going to be fun with the constant WHINING and CRYING! I am sure the kids will be miserable, too.

I hope Connor isn't allergic to the flowers :) Kidding, we turned the AC on a few days ago and he has been snotty ever since. I might need to shift his bed or buy him a ski mask. Doesn't seem to bother him a bit, except when I try to clean the boogies off. I know you are all disappointed that I could not catch him with an actual snot bubble, but you will just have to make due with full stoppage.