Sunday, May 17, 2009

232 Sunday Series #1

I am trying to encourage myself to look for beauty in strange places and to look at a picture and see the different editing opportunities. I tend to want to make all my pictures true color. I have a hard time looking at a picture and seeing whether it would look good in black and white or in sepia. To recognize similarities and differences in the things I choose to shoot. Here are two examples of what I am talking about.

The first is a series of Peony shots. It goes from full bloom to nothing. I could easily have added in the bud and the bloom half open. I was so excited about this particular flower FINALLY blooming that I shot it daily. And, as beautiful as it is fully bloomed and fresh, I can see beauty as it fades. That is one thing that photography has taught me. To really LOOK at the world around us. To not just walk by a flower because it is wilting. To look and examine anyway.

The next is the same shot, processed three ways. Sepia, true color, and black and white. I have a hard time looking at a photo and seeing what would look good as a black and white. What pictures have the proper contrast and lines to really convert to a monochrome look.

What did I learn from that last set? That my eyes look FREAKY in sepia-tints!

I would love for others to join me in this exploration of photography. The only rule is that it has to be at least two pictures that involve the same subject. Help me step out of my box, and maybe find out a little more about your photography along the way. If you join in on the Sunday Series fun then please leave a comeent and include a link. I love checking out everyone's blogs and finding out what THEY see through their cameras.


Linda Woods said...

I do love the sequence shots of the peony! Each photo is just as beautiful as the next.

I'm not a huge lover of sepia anything. I don't think it makes anyone look healthier and it makes eyes possessed! But, that photo of you is GORGEOUS in ALL THREE SHADES!

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