Monday, May 4, 2009

221 Macro Monday

I don't know if it is really fair for me to jump into Macro Monday ... but only because I tend to shoot macro an awful lot right now. I shoot macro for the TtV shots, and macro for most of the flower/weed shots. I shoot macro wandering around my house looking at knick-knacks. In fact, I usually forget that my macro filter is screwed on and get confused as to why my camera refuses to Autofocus. But then I still forget to turn on my camera quite often, too.

(I'm really not THAT ditzy, but I get excited sometimes when it comes to taking pictures)

So, I am going to dive headfirst into Macro Monday over at Lisa's Chaos and try not to go crazy. If you really do love macro, then stick around, or better yet ... scroll down. Most of my posts in the last month or so have had at least one macro.

It has been a rainy weekend. I already posted some macros from the garden (scroll down to the my last post), so here are a few taken while I wandered aimlessly around the house. (or around the dining room table)

So, please remember, sometimes you have to get really really really close to something to discover its beauty ... I guess it is kinda like having a brother ;) I kid, I kid!

And, if you wanna join in the Macro Monday fun then head on over to Lisa's Chaos and add your link.



I am also very fond of macro these days! Fun to discover the world around us in a bit different way!

Great shots you have here!

Me and my puppies said...

Add me to the macro list, it gives insight to the detail I miss otherwise

lisaschaos said...

Very lovely! I'm glad you jumped right in. :) I love macros (duh?) and yours are perfect!