Tuesday, May 12, 2009

231 An Afternoon - Katie Style

Katie needs constant entertainment. Even when she is actually entertaining herself it seems as though I have to be there to look at what she has created or to "watch me Momma!" Today was no exception. She finished her medicine and she could FINALLY play with Mia again, so she wanted to surprise her with a Tea Party. Okay, that's not too hard. But wait, Mia is allergic to gluten, so no finger sandwiches, no crackers, and no cookies. I know ... they make gluten free mixes and all that stuff, but I don't have it just sitting around the house. So, I scraped together a tea party with what we had on hand. The tea party snacks consisted of grapes, fruit snacks, black olives, and frozen berries. Of course there was milk and sugar to add to the tea, although Mia had never heard of putting milk in your tea. She adapted rather quickly. You would have thought I was feeding them ambrosia and the finest chocolate. All six year old girls care about is POURING the tea!They each poured their own so that the other did not get to have all the fun. Poor Connor wanted to join in so badly. I gave him some of his own snacks, but he still tried to climb onto the table to play with Katie and Mia. He wants so badly to be big. The tea party was a smash. Its a good thing that they are still at that "easy to please" stage. Well, in this matter anyway.

Not too long after Mia headed off to cheerleader practice, Katie started lobbying for the sprinkler. When she couldn't find anyone else to play with, I gave in. And really, when she enjoys it THIS much then who could say no??!!She runs and jumps and screams! She even includes Connor in some of her sprinkler time antics. He is not a big fan of water in the face, but he will run with her for a while, just to be near his big sis. No one could ever accuse her of being a couch potato. She does still suffer from the horrible disease of "Noassatall". She is growing taller so quickly, but she is not growing out at all. Trying to put some pounds on that girl is a near impossible feat. She eats non-stop, but you can't tell that from looking at her. Now if I can just talk her out of wanting to be a professional cheerleader when she grows up.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that they had Career Day at school, so they talked about what they wanted to be when they grow up and Katie said a "professional cheerleader." One of the boys in her class, Dylan B (not to be confused with Dylan H) wants to be a professional football player, so she is going to cheer for him. One huge problem with that, Dylan B wants to go to the University of Georgia. I don't want her cheering for the Bulldogs! (unless we move back to Georgia) Although we talked about it today and she agreed that she wants to cheer for Ole Miss. I just wish I could talk her out of cheering altogether. She is just way to accident prone to do cheerleading! And she is such a skinny thing that I am afraid that she will end up on the top of the pyramid, or being tossed into the air. I can't take another broken bone, so I am going to try to keep her as close to the ground as possible.

And what is a trip to the backyard without a pic of flowers? This is the inside of an iris. I can't help being fascinated by the inside of the flower. The tiger stripes and soft colors. Gorgeous!

Deep in the Heart (of an Iris)

It's Love Thursday Y'all! Check out Chookooloonks for Love Thursday links and lovey-dovey goodness. Happy Love Thursday!!


Kathleen said...

Awesome flower picture - get that on your Etsy site ASAP it's very cool. Tessa weighs JUST 50lbs and she's 9 in two weeks!!!! Lanky. I think she came pre-programed not to be a cheerleader and would rather be a vampire or Goth chick!

Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

That is some serious photographic talent you have there! I LOVE coming to your blog!
PMSL re your cheerleader LOL!!! Life is just cruel sometimes isn't it?!?!?

Kath said...

Happy LT Carrie.

These are great shots

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

LOL, Carrie!!

I am attempting to complete my nursing degree this fall, so I have been wading back in to the terminology I will soon be drenched in. "Noassatall", I was trying to figure out if I'd ever heard of that, and then trying to identify the root, prefixes, suffixes, and then it hit me!!

I am still sitting here laughing!!

Happy Love Thursday to you!!

Linda Woods said...

So true- all they care about at that age is the pouring. They want to pour everything and are bossy about it.

GREAT photos!

margie said...

good shots carrie.