Thursday, May 28, 2009

243 200 Bucks on Etsy!

What would you buy if you had $200 to spend on etsy? Oh, you don't even know what etsy is!!?? Etsy is part of the handmade revolution. It bills itself as "your place to buy & sell all things handmade" and it is an absolute TREASURE!! From art to clothing. Knick-knacks to jewelry. Heck, there is jewelry made from knick-knacks!! You could spend days just roaming around the site, finding new things to love everytime!
Well, I thought it would be fun to go on a virtual shopping spree. A totally imaginary one because I certainly don't have $200 laying around to spend. And also give you a listing of a few of my favorite shops to browse through yourself.

Linda Woods Art + Photography - The most wonderful mixed media artist
This "Company Policy" works for ALL parts of your life $12 + $2 for shipping

ALWAYS Mixed Media Collage Art Painting PRINT $15 + $5.80 for shipping

Coffee always reminds me of my Grandmother and my Mother. We enjoy or Java!

(NOTE - Linda will combine shipping, but I wanted to put the listed prices if purchased singly)

Just a hint, Linda Woods is also the co-author of two wonderful books Journal Revolution and Visual Chronicles. I already own them, and I recommend them to anyone who loves to express themselves with words and pictures and paint and tape and doodles and ... ANYTHING!

Papercrafts by Kathleen - handmade books of all kinds, wonderful mixed media covers
Wish - Handmade Sketch Book $25 + $7 for shipping(from Canada)

You know I can't resist a dandelion!!

Little Alouette Wood for Wee Ones - handmade wooden toys and teethers
The Original Myla Belle Maple Wood Teether Key Set $20 + $3

Susannah Tucker Photography - Fabulous TTV photos! Hard part, figuring out which 4!
MINI PRINT SET - you pick any four 5x5 Viewfinder prints $36 + $5 for shipping

Desert Nana - Vintage Goods and Photography - Do you love Kitsch?
Mulberry Tree Budding, 8x8 $15 + $3 for shipping

idea2lifestyle - gorgeous clothing

I had set out to spend $500, but for some reason it is not letting me post more links within this post, so I will have to settle for $200. Believe me, I will adding a new post soon because I found some absolutely wonderful shops on etsy that I want to share!

If you have an etsy shop, leave me a link in the comments! If you have a FAVORITE etsy shop, please leave a link as well!


Montagyoo said...

great finds! love the "always" collage!

ladylennon said...

I love Esty!!

One day I WILL buy a piece of art by Linda!