Monday, May 25, 2009

239 Veterans Plaze of Memphis, TN

After Katie's fieldtrip to the Memphis Zoo, I decided to wander over to look at some statues I had noticed but never explored. Right beside the zoo is Overton Park, and located there is the Veterans Plaza which holds monuments to the men and women who have been killed in the service of our country. For more of the backstory on the founding of Veterans Plaza you might want to visit this link about Pete Dugan. For the quick story ... Pete Dugan served in World War II. In 1998 he began his quest to honor those from Memphis and Shelby County who gave all in service of our country. He managed to research and confirm each name WITHOUT a computer. He also raised the money and community support needed to create this monument to our Veterans. I was only able to spend a few minutes there, as I was on my way to pick Katie up from school, but it seemed like a very peaceful spot. A great place to sit and think about the people who have fought to insure our freedom. Thank you to all those who have served!
Be sure and check out the work of Jayel Aheram. He is currently serving in the Marine Corps. A wonderful photographer and documentarian (is that a word?)


BenLand said...

what a nice tribute to our heros....