Thursday, May 28, 2009

242 I Love these Kooky Kids!!

What can I say? These kids crack me up on a daily basis. These are just two pictures from one day that make me giggle.
Connor always wants MORE!! He has to have a lollipop for each hand. It really doesn't matter what it is though, he must have two. Well, this time he got a little confused because he had one in his mouth, one in his right hand, and his left hand was empty. He never makes it through a whole lollipop, so to keep him from screaming I gave him another. He was happy as a little man can be!! Just one little quirk that I love! Katie has been on a skating kick lately. There is only one problem ... she CRIES everytime I put her socks on. She complains about the seam, and she whimpers about the wrinkles. She makes me want to tear my hair out and stick her in flip-flops for the rest of her life. She found a compromise that she was happy with. She decided to just wear tights instead of socks (yeah, they still have toe seams). But not just PLAIN tights! She came down with pink flowered tights. Don't they go perfectly with her turquoise plaid bermudas?? Katie has a style that is ALL her own! You gotta love that!!!

Happy Love Thursday! Wander on over to Chookooloonks to check out her Love Thursday post and links to others. What are you loving today??


ladylennon said...

LOL, what's not to love?

HappyHourMom said...

That girl has got style! I love her tights... adorable~
(from Chookooloonks)

Kathleen said...

I'm lov'n Katie's tights with that outfit!! Styl'n!!!