Friday, May 8, 2009

226 Monochrome Friday #0001

Thought I would try another photo challenge. Monochrome Friday seems to fit the bill. I need something to force me to look past all the colors in my photgraphs, to see what is hidden in the lines and lighting. This may not be the best example, but I wanted to share Connor's first bubble bath with you, and I wanted to do Monochrome Friday ... so here he is in black and white. Of course he had his sister to keep him company. And theoretically to keep him a little bit safer ... but only in theory. In truth, she moves around too much and forgets he has no balance. We did not have any mishaps though, and Connor's first bubble bath was a huge success ... until I had to take him out. I thought it was adorable that he put the bubbles on his face like he is shaving. Guess it is ingrained in our boys because he can't have seen his Daddy shave too often.

Happy Monochrome Friday. Remember to appreciate the simplicity in life, not just the glitz and glamour. And take a nice warm bubble bath ... it always helps!


kathleen dale said...

These photos are precious, and your site is so nice also. Nice and simple design, with a wonderful use of color.